WRAP Election Edition 2020

Updated 10/9/2020

Updated 10/6/2020

We have had to face the fact that many of our commissioners and council members are shameless. They are not persuaded by logical arguments. They cannot be pressured by public sentiment. They cannot be shamed by public exposure of their subservience to the developers. Most appear to accept their ethical demise. That leaves only two avenues to effect change: the courts and the ballot box. Residents get a chance to express themselves at the ballot box every two years. Residents should seize the opportunity.

The Nevada Independent has an excellent review of the candidates running for the Sparks City Council.

Who Is Running?

City of Reno


Jenny Brekhus (incumbent, non-partisan) … https://jennybrekhus.com/

  • Has a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters Regional Planning
  • Has served two terms on the city council
  • Served as Planning Director for Silver City, NM.
  • Does not have another job other than the city council

J.D. Drakulich (non-partisan) … https://drakulichforreno.com/

  • Large-scale area realtor.
  • Has never held elected office.


Oscar Delgado (incumbent, Democrat) … https://www.facebook.com/oscardelgadonv/

  • Has experience as a community organizer
  • Has a Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Urban Planning
  • Has served two terms on the city council
  • Serves as CEO of the Community Health Alliance

Rudy Leon (Democrat) … https://www.rudyforreno.com/

  • Served as a university administrator and a research librarian
  • Holds a PhD.
  • Has never held elected office.


Neoma Jardon (incumbent, Republican) … https://neomaforreno.com/

  • Served as HR Manager for McDonald-Carano-Wilson law firm
  • Has served two terms on the city council.

Darla Fink (Democrat) … https://www.thinkfink2020.com/

  • Holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration.
  • Was director of finance and administration for the Sierra Nevada Job Corps.
  • Has never held elected office.

At Large

Devon Reese (incumbent, Democrat) … https://www.votereese.com/

  • Has completed a partial term: he was appointed to fill Bobzien’s seat.
  • Ran for the Nevada State Senate in 2016 unsuccessfully.
  • He is a lawyer with experience in union-related suits.

Eddie Lorton (Republican) … https://www.facebook.com/EddieLortonReno

  • Ran for mayor in 2014 and 2018.
  • Local businessman
  • Opposes development with inadequate infrastructure
  • Has never held elected office

Candidate op-ed pieces in the Reno Gazette Journal … (Delgado & Leon not available on 10/6)

Brekhus / Drakulich / Fink / Jardon / Lorton / Reese

Reno Gazette Journal interviews between Delgado and Leon

Washoe County


Marsha Berkbigler (incumbent, Republican) … https://electmarsha.com/

  • Had a career as a lobbyist and a realtor.
  • She is seeking a third term on the county commission.
  • Has been a booster of EDAWN’s efforts to increase area growth.

Alexis Hill (Democrat) … https://www.votealexishill.com/

  • Has a Masters in Public Administration
  • Has experience working with area foundations (Sierra Arts, EDAWN, and Truckee Meadows Tomorrow)


Vaughn Hartung (incumbent, Republican) … https://vaughnhartung.com/

  • He is seeking his third term.
  • Photographer

Marie Baker (Democrat) … https://www.electmariebaker.com/meet-marie

  • Has her own independent insurance business.
  • Has never held elected office.

Campaign contributions recorded 1/1/2020 – 7/15/2020

Note: this does not include contributions after July 15 which are likely to be substantial. The new contribution totals will be reported October 15. The new totals will be posted on WRAP as soon as possible.

WRAP Picks … (Steve Wolgast)

Reno, Ward-1, Jenny Brekhus

Brekhus has proven herself to be smart, honest, and fiscally responsible. She opposes reckless development that will cause excessive traffic, flood risk, or school overcrowding. She opposes bond initiatives that are not well founded or responsibly written. Drakulich is a realtor seeking to join a council that is already overly favorable toward development.

Reno, Ward-2, Rudy Leon

Leon is a newcomer and has run a weak campaign against a popular incumbent. She is smart and ethical and has taken a stand against building in floodplains. Delgado has proven himself a shill of the developers with his approval of the Daybreak development. This development presents serious public safety risks of flooding, Mercury contamination, and traffic. He knows the hazards but voted to approve the project anyway.

Reno, Ward-5, Darla Fink

Fink is a newcomer, but an experienced professional with a Masters in Public Administration. She is concerned about the effects of growth on existing neighborhoods. She is also concerned about Reno’s budget and fiscal discipline. In contrast, Jardon is the candidate of the developers and is a consistent promoter of their interests. This is reflected in the campaign contributions she receives from them.

Reno, At Large, Eddie Lorton

A long-time Reno resident, Eddie has a grasp on the issues facing residents. He is opposed to the city’s approval of development that does not have the infrastructure in place to support it. Developers should pay for the infrastructure needed for their developments. Devon Reese is new to the council, but has been unwavering in his support of developers. They have responded with record campaign contributions. He has indignantly defended his ethical position, but it’s a logical to conclude that his votes and their contributions are related.

Washoe County, District-1, Alexis Hill

Hill is smart and dynamic. She is concerned about water availability, homelessness, sustainable growth, and government accountability. Berkbigler has strong ties with area realtors and developers and is a consistent vote for developers. A voter is left with the impression that she thinks that all growth is progress.

Washoe County, District-4, Marie Baker

Marie Baker provides us with little information other than that she is a native Nevadan. This is an opportunity to vote against Hartung who has proven himself a steadfast supporter of developers. Hartung will ask incisive, pointed questions during commission meetings only to vote with the developer when the answers are unsatisfactory. It is a form of theater.

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Meeting the County Commissioners (2017):

Be sure to get your vote in early. Nevada has safe, secure, and convenient voting opportunities.

4 thoughts on “WRAP Election Edition 2020

  1. Can the laws themselves be changed to remove the development decision from the hands of the few? Strangely Nevada law favors New development at the expense of current residents.


  2. Hello, I have found your newsletters to be quite informative. I need to point out that Jenny Brekus is running for a non-partisan position, but she is a registered Democrat. In fact, she is on the Executive Board for WashoeDems. I strongly agree she is the better candidate for the reasons stated in your article.

    As a resident in Palomino Valley, I have been working with other concerned residents to prevent uncontrolled, urban sprawl to our rural valley. Unfortunately, we are also in the midst of bitter battle in our valley over a ballot question seeking to establish the entire Warm Springs Valley as an unincorporated town. I am intrigued by how people with seemingly common goals have quite different approaches.

    I look forward to your next newsletter.

    Pam Roberts

    On Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 6:14 AM Washoe Residents for Appropriate Planning wrote:

    > galenacommunities posted: ” We have had to face the fact that many of our > commissioners and council members are shameless. They are not persuaded by > logical arguments. They cannot be pressured by public sentiment. They > cannot be shamed by public exposure of their subservience to” >


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