Its GO time

Hello neighbors! Its time to get your hard hats on and go to work. The new proposal is in and here it is!
New Ascente Proposal

This proposal will be presented to the planning commission at the June meeting which will probably be held on the 6th.

At this meeting residents will be given 3 minute slots to express their concerns. The committee, with the exhaustive work of Ken Allen and Todd Mihevc, has put together a presentation to cover all of the issues. We will block out the first 30 minutes of comment and, due to the individual time constants, have various speakers delivering our presentation. We are in need of more presenters if you would like to be involved. You would be reading from a prepared presentation and would need to stay on your topic. Please let us know if you would be interested. We will be scheduling a run through of the presentation on June 1st.

A mailer will be going out to all the residents in our area to call as many people to the meeting as possible. There will be an attached postcard for you to be able to mail your comments directly to the commission. Please be on the lookout for this mailer, and make sure you spread the word to all your neighbors.

Hope to see all of you at the upcoming events!