Ascente Developments 11/26/22

It looks like the first construction work is underway on the Ascente property at the Fawn Lane entrance. The initial driveway onto the property now has large aggregate. A dump truck appears with a tractor presumably to fill the large depressions in the dirt road that connects the end of Fawn Lane with the end of Brushwood Way. The conditions placed on the developer by the county include a requirement that Brushwood Way not be used for construction access. The first Final Map approved for this development is close to the end of Brushwood Way, so the builder (Toll Brothers) will need to traverse their property so they would logically improve the road for all the construction equipment.

Additionally, the large boulders that builder had placed at the end of Brushwood Way have been removed. The fence with the padlocked gate remain. This is in violation of the requirement that residents be able to cross from Brushwood to Fawn in the case of an emergency evacuation.

One thought on “Ascente Developments 11/26/22

  1. As of this afternoon someone has placed a mat with black rock at the fenced entrance to Ascente at the end of Brushwood Way. It appears to be a construction exit/entrance preperation. This was not approved in the plan and Brushwood Way was to be an emergency exit only. Can they do this?


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