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3/25/21 Rosewood Golf Course to revert to Open Space: TIR-032521

3/16/21 Nevada Supreme Court issues a stay of Reno payment: TIR-031621

3/15/21 Reno ordered to pay Lemmon Valley plaintiffs now: TIR-031521

3/12/21 Reno denies Mortensen Ranch development again: TIR-031221

3/11/21 Canyons development approved: TIR-031121

3/11/21 Drakulich seeks investors for Ascente: TIR-031121

3/5/21 Lemmon Valley plaintiffs go to federal court: RGJ-030521

3/4/21 Damonte Canyon will impact wild horses: KTVN-030421

3/2/21 Daybreak/Talus to have fewer homes than planned: RGJ-030221

2/25/21 Reno to appeal Lemmon Valley ruling: TIR-022521

2/25/21 Daybreak development renamed “Talus Valley”: RGJ-022521

2/23/21 Reno may appeal Lemmon Valley ruling: TIR-022221

2/17/21 Commissioner Lucey sued over conflict of interest decision: 2NEWS-021721

2/17/21 Reno ordered to pay Swan Lake flooding plaintiffs, city attorney fined: TIR-021721

2/10/21 Reno approves Canyons development east of Damonte Ranch: NEWS4-021021

1/27/21 Stonegate bond proposal back before Reno City Council: TIR-012721

9/29/20 Plans for Sierra Reflections and St. James Village: TIR-092920

7/17/20 Daybreak developer contributes to RCC campaigns: NEWS-4_071720

6/18/20 Lemmon Valley floodplain boundary is out of date per the county: TIR-061820

5/15/20 Reno sewer customers shouldn’t pay for RSWRF expansion: RGJ-051520

3/24/20 Lands Bill will need water & money to implement: RGJ_032420

3/19/20 Lands Bill to be reconfigured in face of opposition: NV-Indy_031920

2/19/20 Lands Bill may be a plan for sprawl: RGJ_021910

2/14/20 EDAWN’s Kazmirski supports the new Land Use Bill: RGJ_021420B

2/14/20 Brekhus opposes Thomas for RTC Executive Director: RGJ_021420A

2/14/20 Reno City Manager, Newby, to resign: RGJ_021420

1/31/20 Analysis of Reno’s 1,000-homes initiative; RGJ: Analysis-1000_Homes

1/30/20 New Land Use Bill; ThisIsReno : The Return of the County Lands Bill_013020

1/26/20 Developer fees don’t cover fire protection: (RGJ-LTE) Developer-Fees_Inadequate_012620

1/15/20 Reno one of the least affordable cities in the US.: Reno kicks off 2020 as one of least affordable cities in US — again

12/26/19 CA mandates solar on new construction, limits gas hookups: SF-Chron_122619

12/12/19 Reno loses appeal against Lemmon Valley plaintiffs: KOLO-8_121219

12/12/19 Reno City Council advances Stonegate development: RGJ_121219

11/22/19 Residents appeal Gateway Industrial Park in Mogul: KOLO-8_112219

11/21/19 Opposing Gateway Industrial Park, opinion (scroll down): RNR_112119

11/20/19 Reno economy slowing; housing more available: Cooling Reno economy_112019

11/19/19 Washoe County preparing for winter in Lemmon Valley: TIR_111919

11/6/19 Fernley requests higher fees on developers: RGJ_110619

10/27/19 Schieve supports Griffith for City Council: RGJ_102419

10/27/19 Washoe Commissioners dismissive of residents: RGJ-LTE_102719

10/20/19 Don’t develop every square inch: RGJ-LTE_102019_60

10/16/19 Deny the Daybreak Development on October 23: RGJ_Opinion_101619

10/10/19 Sheila Leslie on poor planning and the housing crisis: RNR-101019

09/26/19 Bay Area home-price slump continues: SF-Chron_092618

09/25/19 Letter opposing Daybreak: RGJ_092519

09/22/19 Letter opposing Daybreak: Daybreak_letter_092219_60

09/18/19 Letters on Daybreak at the RGJ: Daybreak_letters_091819_65

9/11/19 Reno City Council delays Daybreak decision: RGJ-091219

8/12/19 Reno Planning Staff represents developers: RGJ_LTE-081219

8/11/19 New development planned in Verdi/Somersett: ThisIsReno_081119

7/4/19 Construction of affordable housing proceeding slowly: RGJ_070419

6/26/19 Lemmon Valley plaintiffs prevail in class-action suit against Reno: KOLO8_062619

6/11/19 Class action suit begins between Lemmon Valley neighbors & Reno: RGJ_061119

6/2/19 Nevada agencies flout public records laws: RGJ_060219

6/1/19 Developers should pay their share for new infrastructure: RGJ_LTE_060119

5/14/19 Direct waste water out of the Swan Lake Basin: RGJ_LTE_051419

5/10/19 “Superpad” Bill stalls in Nevada Assembly (SB327): Nevada_Capitol-News_051019

4/30/19 Washoe County & Reno discuss options to address flooding: ThisIsReno_043019A

4/30/19 We should get federal help to fix flooding: ThisIsReno_043019

4/30/19 Fixing Swan Lake’s Nightmare: RGJ_043019

4/26/19 Reno-Sparks median house price sees first yearly drop since 2012: RGJ_042619

4/25/19 Some TMWA wells in Lemmon Valley contaminated: ThisIsReno_042519

4/24/19 Swan Lake water tested by residents: KOLO-8_042419

4/11/19 Reno Redevelopment Agency at risk of default: RGJ_041119A

4/11/19 Washoe among least affordable housing counties in U.S.: RGJ_041119

4/10/19 Area landlord advocates for rent control: RGJ_LTE_041019

4/10/19 County seeking ways to contain Swan Lake: This_Is_Reno_Swan_Lake_041019

4/7/19 TMWA purchases Verdi water company to support development: NV-Indy_040719

4/7/19 Economic development created homeless shelters problems: RGJ_LTE_040719

4/4/19 Elizabeth Warren’s plan to fix Reno’s housing crisis: RGJ_040419

4/3/19 Inflatable dams installed in Lemmon Valley: KOLO-8_040319

4/3/19 Inflatable dams to be installed in Lemmon Valley: RGJ_040319

4/1/19 Lemmon Valley schoolyard floods: RGJ_040119

4/1/19 Reprise: Nevada government earns “F” in accountability: Public-Integrity_2015

4/1/19 Kiekefer advances legislation to benefit developers: RGJ_040119

3/31/19 Lemmon Valley Little League field is flooded: RGJ_LTE_033119_0001

3/30/19 Prado Ranch development delayed: ThisIsReno_033019

3/28/19 Wildcreek School Plans move forward: RGJ_032819

3/21/19 Area to add 50,000 jobs in 5 years: RGJ_032119

3/20/19 Washoe County not credible; Lemmon Valley: RGJ_LTE_032019A

3/20/19 Area growth itself is the problem: RGJ_LTE_032019

3/19/19 Reno no longer affordable for Nevadans: RGJ_031919

3/15/19 Lemmon Valley class action lawsuit: KOLO-8_031519

3/15/19 Swan Lake flooding video: RGJ_031519

3/7/19 Area housing shortage “missing middle”: RGJ_030719

3/6/19 Increased flood risk in Lemmon Valley: KOLO8-030619

2/20/19 Developer sues Reno for denying Daybreak development: RGJ_022019B

2/20/19 Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize Stonegate: RGJ_LTE_022019

2/20/19 Flawed Reno appointment process: RGJ_LTE_022019A

2/19/19 Bond considered to subsidize Stonegate: RGJ_021919

1/26/19 UNR land sale falls through: NEWS4_012519

1/26/19 Reno real estate declining sales and prices: REReno_012619

1/24/19 Lemmon Valley two years later: KOLO8-012419

1/23/19 Washoe County has least affordable housing in NV: NEWS4-012319

1/22/19 Silver Springs opposes approval of Buckland Crossing: RGJ_012219

1/16/19 Prado Ranch Development: KOLO-8

1/8/19 Migration to Nevada: RGJ_010819

12/21/18 Washoe and Clark County growth challenges: NV-Indy_122118

12/19/18 Don’t count on developers for infrastructure: Parker_RGJ_121918

11/26/18 Local candidates mask campaign expenses: RGJ_112618

9/23/18 No consensus for Lands Bill: RGJ Lands-Bill_092418A

9/14/18 Reno City Council delays Daybreak vote: RGJ_091418

9/13/18 The Issues Surrounding Daybreak: RGJ_091318

9/10/18 Washoe Federal Lands Bill on Shaky Ground: RGJ_091018

9/10/18 Washoe Lands Bill last for Wilderness Preservation: RGJ_091018A

9/5/18 Washoe Native Americans want a role in the Washoe Lands Bill: RGJ_090518A

9/5/18 Affordable housing being built at W. McCarran & I-80: RGJ_090518

9/4/18 Need a permanent solution to Lemmon Valley flooding: RGJ_090418

9/3/18 Need for Regional Fire Dispatch: RGJ_090318

8/12/18 Senator Heller supports the Washoe County Lands Bill: RGJ_081218

8/11/18 Vote for sensible growth: RGJ_081118_0001

8/2/18 Why are Californians moving to Reno: RGJ_080218

8/2/18 BLM Rules weakend favoring developers: NVI_080118

7/10/18 Commissioner Ethics Concerns: ThisIsReno_071018

7/2/18 Prado Ranch North TV-news: KOLO-8_070218

7/2/18 Land Use Bill Opinion: RGJ_070218

6/26/18 California housing crunch impacts Reno: NYT_062618

6/18/18 Cumulative Effects of Development are ignored: RGJ_061818

6/17/18 Seattle Rescinds the “head tax” amid backlash: ST_061518

6/14/18 Reno housing prices approach record high: RGJ_061418A

6/13/18 Reno denies Meridian-120 appeal in Verdi: RGJ_061418

6/12/18 County neglects maintenance to prevent flooding: RGJ_061218

6/6/18 Senator Heller drafts bill to ban future wilderness areas: RGJ_060618

6/1/18 Housing grants from Nevada Housing Division: TIR_060118

5/31/18 Housing price comparison with other cities in the West: RGJ_053118

5/30/18 What is a median ($400k) house in Reno/Sparks like: RGJ_053018

5/28/18 Fernley feels the housing crunch too: RGJ_052818

5/22/18 Commissioner candidates Lucey and Delaire on issues: RGJ_052218

5/16/18 Plenty of water to support a lot of development: RGJ_051618

5/14/18 Commissioners neglect needs of Lemmon Valley Residents: TIR_051418

5/10/18 Plans for Lemmon Valley must consider compound effects: RGJ_051018

5/7/18 Native Americans stake claim in Lands Bill: RGJ_050718

5/5/18 Land-Use Bill Opinion: NVI_050518

5/5/18 Land-Use Bill Opinion: RGJ_050518

4/26/18 Reno needs long-term planning: RGJ_042618

4/25/18 Land-Use Bill Opinion: RGJ_042518

4/24/18 Land-Use Bill Article: RGJ_042418

4/22/18 County Commission Candidates: NI_042218

4/7/18 Las Vegas home prices rise sharply: Vegas_home_prices_040718

3/30/18 Arrowcreek school plan advances despite earthquake concerns: RGJ_033018

3/26/18 Fernley housing crunch makes record rent prices: RGJ _032618

3/23/18 Reno Fire Department attempts to take over TMFD: RGJ_032318

3/20/18 California housing shortage affecting Reno and other cities: NYT_032018

3/15/18 Area health ranking drops due to housing shortage: RGJ_031518B

3/15/18 Record housing prices for area: RGJ_031318A

3/15/18 Housing shortage worsens homelessness: RGJ_031318

3/13/18 Residents sue over Wildcreek school development: RGJ_031318

3/8/18 Reno sprawl and housing crunch: RNR_030818

3/5/18 Reno knew Lemmon Valley would flood: RGJ_030518

3/2/18 Why flooding is a problem in the North Valleys: RGJ_030218A

3/2/18 Time lapse video of North Valley flooding including Swan Lake: RGJ_030218B

3/2/18 Lemmon Valley flooding photos: RGJ_030218

2/28/18 Opposition to Reno Downtown Improvement District: This is Reno_030118

2/21/19 Meeting with Mike Kazmierski of EDAWN: Mike Kazmierski_Notes-022118_MK-a

2/21/18 Traffic problem with StoneGate: RGJ_022118

2/20/18 Commuter train to StoneGate: RGJ_022018

2/18/18 Inadequate fire protection for Washoe and Reno: RGJ_021818

2/15/18 Reno approves StoneGate 6-1; article: RGJ_021518

2/14/18 Issues regarding Stonegate; article: RGJ_021418

2/10/18 Steamboat development denied: Kolo-8_020818

2/9/18 Development should not outstrip water availability: RGJ_020918

2/6/18 Insist on “Good Development”, letter: RGJ_020618

2/4/18 Reno Councilwoman Brekhus discusses transit & development: KNTV_020518

2/5/18 Worsening drought in California: RGJ_020518

1/31/18 Development should match available water: RGJ_013118

1/31/18 Housing prices up nationwide: USA-Today_013118A

1/24/18 Water may not support development plans: RGJ_012418A

1/17/18 TMWA purchases West Reno Water: Thisisreno_011718

1/21/18 Record shortage of affordable housing: RGJ_012118

1/14/18 Commissioners favor Casino campaign donors: BCC_favors_Casinos_011418

1/11/18 Massive Stonegate development approval delayed: RGJ_011118

12/27/17 Malfeasance of County Leadership: RGJ_122717

12/17/17 Few homes priced below $300k: RGJ_121717

12/6/17 Special tax-assessment districts would benefit developers: RGJ_120617

11/28/17 Colorock appeal to move to Steamboat/Pleasant Valley denied: Thisisreno

11/12/17 Little Rock (AR) retracts Amazon HQ2 bid: wants to keep character: Fox_111217

11/12/17 Reno City Council: Jardon should recuse herself due to conflict: RGJ_111217

11/8/17 Developer: “wages too low, housing prices OK.”: Affordability_problem_low pay_RGJ_110817

11/7/17 Don’t build in floodplains, letter: Avoid_Floodplains_RGJ_110717_T075

11/5/17 Butler Ranch “Daybreak” story: KOLO-8

11/4/17 Butler Ranch in a Floodplain: RGJ_110417

Truckee Meadows Growth Corridors: Growth_Corridors_Nov-2017

10/30/17 Don’t let Reno become San Jose (as published): RGJ_103017

10/23/17 Don’t let Reno become San Jose (as submitted): One-View_SCW_102117

10/28/17 Softening real estate market; defaults are up: RE-Reno_092817

10/21/17 Nationally: decline of housing “starts” in Sept.: RGJ_Housing-Uptick_102117A

10/21/17 Nationally: lack of affordable homes: RGJ_Housing-Uptick_102117B

10/11/17 Highyway 395 can’t handle new development: RGJ_101117

09/28/17 Housing demand does not match supply: USA Today

09/27/17 New home sales drop nationally: USA Today

09/06/17 Bring tech jobs, not Silicon Valley; RGJ_Tech-Sector_Jobs_090617

09/03/17 Pro-Growth lobbyist says take development survey

09/02/17 Don’t make Reno like Silicon Valley RGJ_090217A

09/02/17 Traffic and traffic signal RGJ_090217B

08/27/17 Commissioner Jung fears “arms race” between Washoe and Reno RGJ_082717A

08/27/17 Reno should have a better long-term development plan

08/25/17 Reno Housing prices and what it means for development

08/24/17 Letter: Commissioners owned by Developers RGJ_082417

08/23/2017 Don’t make Reno like Silicon Valley

08/22/17 Letter: Lucey criticism Conley_RGJ_082217

08/11/17 Letter: Defense of Lucey  RGJ_letter_081117_0001

08/07/207 Somerset Hills Slides

08/03/2017 Developer Lobbyist: what we’re up against

07/28/2017 Ascente earthquake faults not investigated.

07/22/17 Letter: Developers_Favored_072217

07/17/2017 Mayor Schieve hires friend to promote Reno as the next Silicon Valley

06/22/2017 Commissioner Lucey not serving his constituents in Damonte Ranch area.

05/16/2017 Developer claims new development not responsible for Lemmon Valley flooding.

04/27/17 Lemmon Valley flooding photos

03/22/17 Spanish Springs intersection floods

02/28/17 Steamboat Meadows Development

02/27/17 Problems with the Bailey Crossing Development

01/17/17 TMWA purchases West Reno Water

08/24/16 County Commissioners fire Planning Commissioner Daly (scandalous)

04/19/16 Problems with Mt. Rose Development

09/06/13 Development in Spanish Springs put on hold.

4/13/16 Washoe Commissioners forgive casino taxes

06/08/06 Butler Ranch development back on despite flood risks

Flooding History, Reno Area