CAB Meeting update!

Hi everyone! Sorry for keeping all of you in suspense, but the county has been delayed reschedule the meetings. But we have confirmed the new dates!

The new CAB meeting will be held Thursday Nov 10th, 6:00 at the South Valley library.

Click here for the meeting agenda page

The  Washoe County Planning Commission meeting has been postponed until January to allow time for concerns at the CAB to be heard. That meeting has not been set as of yet.

Our team members have organized a presentation based on input from everyone in our community, either via this site or in person at meetings. I have attached the presentations here for you to review. If you have anything to add, feel free to sign up to speak at the meeting and add your thoughts! You have 3 minutes to speak if you choose to do so.

I have also attached a flyer with the meeting information. If anyone wants to print some out and hand them out around the neighborhood, we could always use the help!

I will be out of country during this meeting, but I hope we’re able to get a great turnout and good luck!

Geotechnical and Seismic information

Drainage and Flooding



There will also be comments on schools, but that presentation will be altered pending the vote on WC-1

Click here for the flyer

CAB Meeting update

There are a few details to catch everyone up on after a rather eventful, and frankly stressful, weekend with the fire.

First I hope all of you and your properties are safe. It got pretty nerve wracking there for a moment.

As for the meeting on Thursday. As you saw from my previous email, the meeting was canceled last second. Apparently someone missed a notification to someone. Holding the meeting would’ve been in violation of the Brown Act. They are currently trying to figure out the re-schedule date, but are tied up with the aftermath of the fire. I am in direct contact with Sarah Tone and she will let me know first thing.

I also wanted to clarify that the Citizen Advisory Board meeting is not a meeting held by the local committee I represent. This is an official meeting on the development held by the county for residents to be able to bring comments and concerns forward. There seemed to be some confusion on that with some that showed up.

We need as many residents as possible to come to the re-scheduled meeting. Please pass the word along and talk to your neighbors. Thank you! Have a great week and keep an eye out for updates.

Call To ACTION!!

Hello dear neighbors, our little committee has been pouring over the Ascente plans in the time since its submission as I’m sure many of you have as well. Next week the submission goes in front of the Citizen’s Advisory Board, and then the County Planning Commission on November 1st.

There are many many details to be concerned about, much of which we have already anticipated. The issues surrounding traffic, environmental, water, schools, safety and impact on our our community’s way of life are simply too numerous and large to ignore. Now comes the time where we must all come together to fight against this inappropriate development and have our voice heard!


We are calling on EVERYBODY to attend the Citizen’s Advisory Board meeting on Thursday October 13th at 6pm at the South Valley’s Library to voice your opposition. Experts and residents from our area have come forward to present the issues concerning key concerns.

Kris Hemline, professional environmental engineer and geochemist, will discuss issues presented by the geological make up in the area including fault lines and potential lead contamination.

Bryan Raydon, Marmot Properties, will discuss traffic and issues concerning the forest service plan

Todd Mihevc, retired hydrologist/hydrogeologist, will discuss concerns over water and water rights.

Chuck Price, administrative faculty at UNR, will discuss the threat to to our local schools.

Ken Allen will be discussing safety and the negative impacts on our community’s way of life.

Of course you can feel free to step up and give your input if you feel we have missed anything. But be prepared that you will only have 3 minutes to talk. We hope to cover everything that we have leverage over in short and to the point presentations so that we can make the whole process run smoothly. If you have an questions for our committee on any specific issue prior to the meeting, feel free to contact us through the website and we will connect you with the appropriate member.

Tuesday November 1st, we will need to make our presence felt once again at the County Planning Commission meeting.

Members of our committee will be putting up signs and handing out flyers about the CAB meeting this week. If anyone is available to help, please contact us.

You will also be receiving a mailer in the next week that will have a postcard attachment for you to send you concerns to our commissioners.

We hope to see you all very soon!