Long Breaks and Small Victories

Hello dear neighbors, it’s been a while! Many of you must have been wondering what in the world is going on with the whole Ascente deal?! Well, if you haven’t already found out for yourself, there is some good news behind the long break since December. We discovered, partly due to all the hard work of our concerned communities, Ascente was forced to go back to the drawing board, so to speak. I apologize for the lack of communication since then, but I’ve been taking advantage of the break to get back into the swing things with my kids. I promise to be more diligent about updating you through the rest of this process.

The developers will need to submit a completely new plan. We are not yet sure of all the changes they were forced to make, but we believe they will be submitting in the next month or two. So we need to be ready!

The team has put together a presentation to give to the planning commission at the eventual meeting. They have worked really hard to organize a concise, to the point, and effective presentation that hits on all the pertinent concerns raised by our community at large, submitted through this website and other meetings. At the eventual commission meeting, each person will have only 3 minutes to speak, so we have put together a list of volunteers from our community to read sections of our presentation, 3 minutes at a time. We are still in the need for volunteers if anyone would like to do more in this fight. Please contact us if you have an interest in helping, or any knowledge or experience that could help us moving forward.

When the plan is eventually submitted, we will have a short turnaround to make adjustments to any changes in the plan. Right now we believe we will be preparing for the commission meeting the first week of June. BUT this meeting could easily be moved up or pushed back again, so we must remain diligent. Long breaks create apathy, which is the enemy of such a battle.

We plan on holding a large community meeting in May to discuss all of the issues and go over our presentation. At this meeting you can get A LOT more detail about our plans. You will receive a post here, as well as a mailer at home the moment we have a set date.

As always, please spread the word about the fight. Get others to sign up for this mailer. The more people that show up to these meetings, the less the county can ignore us.

Thank you all, I wish you all a beautiful spring! (thank god).