Reminder: WashoeCAN Tonight

The new Washoe Citizens Action Network will have its first meeting tonight at the Masonic Lodge in Sparks (2425 Pyramid Way) at 6:00 PM.  See previous blog post with more details.  Unfortunately, Mike Lawson will not be able to present, but Steve Wolgast will cover his material.  The presentation will likely last about an hour with time for questions and comments from attendees.

Mt. Rose Highway Report and Plan


Representatives of NDOT, NHP, and Washoe County presented to neighbors last night at the South Valleys Library.  Commissioner Lucey opened the meeting making the observation that development in the area had impacted safety on Mt. Rose Hwy.  Thor Dyson (NDOT executive) introduced the consulting firm (Kimley Horn) that did the study in July.  The efforts included a Road Safety Audit, a Speed Study, and an Intersection Control Evaluation for the section of Mt. Rose Hwy. from Bordeaux to Wedge Pkwy.

Here are the main conclusions.

  • No traffic signal is warranted at Callahan or at Edmonton based on nationally accepted criteria.
  • The best solution at Callahan would be a traffic circle, but this would be too expensive to build.
  • NDOT will move forward with a number of modifications to intersections changing the lane striping, adding acceleration lanes, adding deceleration lanes, adding islands, and other features.
  • The best solution for Edmonton would be to add an extension to Butch Cassidy to connect to the vacant leg of the Thomas Creek intersection but, this would be expensive and involves a couple of private properties. Acceleration and deceleration lanes will be added.

Rob Stepien (head of NHP for northern NV) said that they have been writing a lot of speeding tickets.  Traffic cameras may not be used for speed-limit enforcement per state law.

Dwayne Smith spoke about the County’s part in addressing the traffic problems.  He was facing an audience who is suffering with the terrible congestion in the Rolling Hills neighborhood.  He was unable to answer a series of pointed questions.  Here’s a sample.

  • How did Colina Rosa and Doral Academy get approved?
  • How could you not see this was coming?
  • How much more growth can the Mt. Rose Corridor handle given the current problems?
  • What limitations to Ascente will you apply given the problems on the corridor?

Residents implored him to come to Butch Cassidy on a weekday to see the problems for himself.  His assertion that “it’s just reality” was not accepted by the audience.  His assertion that the Thomas Creek connection should be made after Ascente Phase-II development completes a road is ludicrous.  As an aside, Commissioner Lucey said he’d been told that his presence would detract from the “conversation” and left after the introductions.

Mount Rose Highway Safety Meeting_120518A

Choice Wednesday

Experts say that making choices is stressful.  This coming week we’ve got two important meetings that overlap.

Mount Rose Highway Safety Meeting, Wednesday 12/5, 6-7PM, South Valleys Library.

This is the follow-on meeting from the one in May following a fatal accident on 431 at Callahan.  Since then, there has been another fatal accident on 431 near Thomas Creek intersection.  An NDOT representative will discuss what they have found with their traffic monitors and what changes they suggest.

TMRPA Meeting, Wednesday 12/5, 5:30-7:30 PM, Reno Discovery Museum, Collaboratory Room, 490 S. Center St.

This is a meeting including Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Authority and “Truckee Meadows Tomorrow”.  This is billed as a “community conversation” that seeks residents’ input on several new plans being considered.  This is probably a good chance to see where things are headed and to get in your opinions.

  Take your pick, but make yourself heard if you have the chance to get out on Wednesday evening.