Washoe Citizens Action Network, 12/11

There’s a new county-wide activist group being formed.  Their goal is to inform citizens about development issues and to coordinate action to stop irresponsible development.  This is what grass-roots action looks like.  The invitation below is for all residents of Reno and Washoe County.  Come check it out!

Subject: Had Enough? Get Involved!

Rampant, out of control growth in our county resulting from the decisions of a few local elected officials, unelected bureaucrats and developers—are you aware of the extent and impact of their plans for our communities?  Are you concerned?  Are you ready to do something to stop it?

This is your opportunity.  Join us for the first meeting of the Washoe Citizens Action Network.
Speakers to include:
Jeanne Herman—Washoe County Commissioner, District 5

Mike Lawson—Washoe County Planning Commissioner, District 2
Steve Wolgast–Former County Commissioner candidate and leader of Washoe Residents for Appropriate Planning
Tammy Holt-Still—The “Voice of the Lemmon Valley residents”
Bill Johnson–Former County Commissioner candidate, life-long Reno resident and artist

Topic of conversation will be the current and future plans for the building and growth our county officials, and the developers, have in store for all areas of Washoe County as well as how these plans will affect our quality of life.

DECEMBER 11th, 6:00 PM at the Sparks Masonic Lodge, 2425 Pyramid Way

As noted, this the first meeting of the Washoe Citizens Action Network, we have chosen an issue which has an impact on all residents of the county.  The goal of WashoeCAN is not only to educate and inform, but more importantly for us, the concerned citizens, to engage and effect change regarding the decisions that are being made by local and regional government. 

We will do this by:
1) Regularly convening the WashoeCAN team.
2) Targeting and researching issues.
3) Determining and planning a course of action regarding targeted issues.
4) Attending local legislative/governmental meetings.
5) Speaking and going on the record at such meetings.

The time is now to get involved and act to preserve our values and quality of life here in Washoe County.  Without an active and engaged citizenry, our local government will simply continue on their path of unobstructed growth, dictates and regulations which affect us all.  All are welcome, so please join us to begin the process of a much needed citizens’ check and balance on our local elected and unelected officials.

Brandon Camp
Local Concerned Citizen

7 thoughts on “Washoe Citizens Action Network, 12/11

  1. I know numbers count at these things, and I cannot make this meeting. I do wish to be counted among you, fighting for responsible development. I fear the horse has already left the barn, but I am glad to see this happening, because we can’t ever give up!


    • You give me too much credit. It was Brandon Camp’s initiative to create this new group. He invited me and others to participate and help to announce this first meeting.


  2. Lifestyle homes and the Rubicon Group (Mike Raley) will be holding meetings regarding development in Red Rock on December 17-19 and 20 at Silver Lake Elementary at 8719 Red Baron Blvd from 6-7:30 pm. This is a NVCab workshop to fulfill conditions to proceed with the project.


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  4. I would love to participate with this group. As a former Washoe County Planning Commissioner and Regional Planning Commissioner I may be able to contribute in some way.


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