Daybreak Development “continued” …

Yesterday, the Reno City Council voted to “continue” the consideration of the Daybreak Development (Butler Ranch area) until their meeting on November 28 at 6:00 PM.  This was a contentious vote passing only with a bare majority (4 to 3).  The developer had requested the continuance this time with the vague excuse that they needed more time to talk to stakeholders about natural resources.  The developer sent out the request for a continuance only hours before the City Council meeting.  This caused confusion.  Some interested residents decided not to go since the continuance was requested, but some came who didn’t hear about the request or who had not heard that it had been granted.

Here are some of the points and highlights.

  • The County Clerk reported that the Council had received 13 letters in opposition to the Daybreak development, 5 letters expressing concern, and 1 letter in support.
  • Councilman Brekhus opposed the continuance: she is ready with her questions and it is time to move forward.  The coming City Council meetings have full agendas.  There is no convenient time to reschedule.
  • Councilman Weber is newly elected and would like a continuance since she is not familiar with the project.
  • Councilman Jardon wants ample time to consider the project; “It’s too big an elephant to consider.”
  • Councilman Brekhus suggested sending the project back to the Planning Commission.  Alternately, it could be considered in a City Council workshop meeting dedicated to the single topic.
  • Brekhus voted “no” along with Delgado and Bobzien.  Jardon, Duerr, Weber, and Schieve voted to approve the continuance as requested by the developer.
  • Darrin Sweeney representing the fire fighters union says the union has no position on the development, but “A new fully staffed fire station will be needed.  Nearby stations are seeing growing demands.  There is nothing in the Daybreak plan that allows for fire fighters”.
  • Kim Rhodemyre expressed agreement with Brekhus in public comment.  She went on to say that the developers lost their permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Terri Thomas made a public comment “We don’t have waste treatment capacity for the many projects that are already in the pipeline.  We need to decide which ones will get service first.”
  • Councilman Duerr said “The project they’re considering should be the same one that the Planning Commission approved.  If this keeps changing, it should go back to the Planning Commission.”

The meeting was broadcast on Spectrum local access channel 192.

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