Lemmon Drive Estates appeal denied

Yesterday (11/13/18), the Board of County Commissioners denied the appeal by the developer regarding the Lemmon Drive Estates development.  This is a 98-home development with reduced setbacks to achieve higher density.  This is located on the east side of Lemmon Drive just south of Military Road.  See this LINK for more about the development.  The Planning Commission had denied the development unanimously on May 1, 2018.    The developer had done preliminary grading without a permit and will be required to repair the damage to the extent possible working with Washoe County Code Enforcement.


  • Commissioner Jung requested an instruction period by staff on the sewer facilities.
  • Commissioner Jung asked staff to figure out a way to have traffic studies done by a third party with no interest in the developer or the development.
  • Commissioner Jung wants to see more high-density housing developed within the McCarran loop.
  • Commissioner Lucey had no comment whatsoever.
  • Ms. Holt-Still made a public comment requesting that Commissioner Herman have her earlier board assignments restored.  She should be on the flood-related boards that will be considering special assessments for flood remediation.


Tammy Holt-Still’s notes edited by Steve Wolgast

4 thoughts on “Lemmon Drive Estates appeal denied

  1. I am encouraged by the change in perspective from the BOCC. I am convinced it is a direct result of the community organizing facilitated by neighborhood leaders such as Steve Wolgast and Tammy Holt-Still. Thank you for your continued efforts, we must continue to press our advantage.

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  2. ……And press for independent 3rd-party engineering! Good to see Ms. Jung finally on board with that, at least with regard to traffic. I would have been more optimistic to see one of the BOCC bring up the number 1 issue in Lemmon Valley – hydrology/stormwater.


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