Lawyering up

Alright everybody, its time to get serious here. In discussing this case with a few people with the requisite knowledge, we feel its time to take an aggressive step. We are going to file as a non profit in order to obtain representation. We have been advised that having a land use attorney deliver our appeal will send a strong message and help our chances, not to mention the need to retain one if this thing passes as is.

Remember, this is not a matter of just not liking a development, these developers have not put the requisite work in to protect our neighborhood and its citizens. We’re talking thousands of car trips on our rural roads every day with no improvements to our infrastructure, no increase in fire access or exits and the list goes on. This plan has not met minimum requirements to pass and the only kind of commissioner that says it does is a dirty one. We need to fight back on behalf of our community, AND our county.

Many of you have donated graciously to our previous campaigns for the appeal application fee and to put an advertisement in the RGJ to get people to band together. Now we just need a little more to take this next step.

We will need at least 5 grand to retain an attorney, and if this thing continues it could go over 10, so we are setting this at 5k, but there is no cap. After gofundme takes its cut, we will have a few hundred bucks left over from the other campaigns that we will roll into this. Any excess in this campaign will go towards potential future litigation, or be refunded once the process is over.

Thank you so much for your time, efforts and dedication. Please share and help us reach this goal. We are extremely limited on time.

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The Appeal Gives Way To Larger War

Hello neighbors, I have quite an interesting update for you indeed.

Behind the scenes the team is drafting our appeal papers into a 15 minute presentation to take in front of the board. Given such little time we have to be very strategic about what is included. Many hours are being logged looking over the minutes from the Planning board and reading up on changes made in that meeting.

It looks like the appeal meeting will be on August 8th. we are not sure of the time, but it will probably be during the day. Unfortunately Todd and I will be out of town, Ken will be taking on the whole enchilada.

After our 15 minutes, both the county and the developer will have time to respond. Commissioners will discuss and ask questions. They will then open it up to community input. We hope you will all show up in mass once again to show your support. Remember, these commissioners are voted in, and Lucy is up for re-election.

On that note, we have come to a point where this process has become as much about politics as it is about code.

Reno is exploding. Residents from all over the county are dealing with the same problems we are and they are fuming. The Planning Commissioners think they can get what ever they want just slid by residents due to the housing shortage, and we are all going to pay for it down the line with a city built on poor infrastructure.

We need to send a message to the commissioners that we aren’t just one group of residents, we represent anger and frustration felt throughout the entire county.  We need to tell them we will hold them accountable. We need to wake them up to the political ramifications of passing Ascente as is.

To this end, we plan to take out an RGJ ad directed toward angry residents everywhere who are fighting their own battles and don’t know where to turn. We will invite them to join us at the appeal meeting to help strike the first blow in the larger war.

We need help raising money for that advertisement. So there is a new fundraiser you can find here: Advertisement Fundraiser. I hope you will help us.

At the appeal meeting, they can find one of 3 ways. They can pass it as is. They can reject it, or the can send it back to the Planning Board with recommendations. So, in fact, this journey is not yet necessarily done.

As usual we will need help spreading the word about the appeal, and help us get more followers to this blog. It is our best way of communicating with all of you.

Be safe, be happy!