Lawyering up

Alright everybody, its time to get serious here. In discussing this case with a few people with the requisite knowledge, we feel its time to take an aggressive step. We are going to file as a non profit in order to obtain representation. We have been advised that having a land use attorney deliver our appeal will send a strong message and help our chances, not to mention the need to retain one if this thing passes as is.

Remember, this is not a matter of just not liking a development, these developers have not put the requisite work in to protect our neighborhood and its citizens. We’re talking thousands of car trips on our rural roads every day with no improvements to our infrastructure, no increase in fire access or exits and the list goes on. This plan has not met minimum requirements to pass and the only kind of commissioner that says it does is a dirty one. We need to fight back on behalf of our community, AND our county.

Many of you have donated graciously to our previous campaigns for the appeal application fee and to put an advertisement in the RGJ to get people to band together. Now we just need a little more to take this next step.

We will need at least 5 grand to retain an attorney, and if this thing continues it could go over 10, so we are setting this at 5k, but there is no cap. After gofundme takes its cut, we will have a few hundred bucks left over from the other campaigns that we will roll into this. Any excess in this campaign will go towards potential future litigation, or be refunded once the process is over.

Thank you so much for your time, efforts and dedication. Please share and help us reach this goal. We are extremely limited on time.

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9 thoughts on “Lawyering up

  1. Should this be posted on the Nextdoor site? Maybe there is in an atty in Galena Forest or Arrowcreek, etc. that would be willing to do it for free or at a reduced cost for us.



  2. This has been circling on pro growth side and was forwarded to me. We truly need to be active in this fight against Ascente.

    Call to Action-Support Positive Northern Nevada Growth- We Need You!
    Dear Friends,

    You are receiving this email as someone I know personally or I was referred to you by someone who does and believes you to be a supporter of responsible and smart growth for the economic vitality of Northern Nevada. I am asking for your help today as we have another development that is being held up due to opposition from those who don’t want to see new housing in their neighborhood.

    A housing crisis is upon us. Demand is out-pacing supply and the gap is only getting larger as our economy grows. Add to that, there is a growing anti-growth movement of NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) ACTIVISTS slowing down and threatening the approvals for smart, positive, and desperately needed housing projects. We know that the vast majority of us support growth but this vocal minority is trying to intimidate their neighbors and our elected officials with misinformation, scare tactics, and a flurry of constant bullying. As the housing crisis gets worse, I am convinced that we need to build our coalition of PRO-GROWTH SUPPORTERS and let our elected officials know that we support their efforts to manage a thorough review and approval process and approve smart and well-vetted housing projects.

    Right now, the NIMBY’s latest anti-growth campaign, receiving regional attention, is against the project called ASCENTÉ located on Mt. Rose Highway. I have followed this project over the last 12 months and it meets the criteria I outlined above. Approved in June by the Washoe County Planning Commission, the NIMBY’s have filed an appeal and it is scheduled to go before the County Commission August 8th, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

    With that being said, I am beyond motivated to fill the room when the appeal goes in front of the County Commission with community members who support housing of all sizes and to get the Ascente’ project approved because if the opposition wins, it will be a huge loss for the developers on all projects as they will continue to scare our elected officials from approving new housing development.

    The County Commission hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th probably sometime around 1:30 after lunch. I am working on getting all our supporters together and would appreciate if you would consider joining us and invite anyone you think might support. Please RSVP below and details will follow.

    If you are unable to attend, please consider supporting by doing one or all of the following:
    Write a short sweet email addressed to all of our County Commissioners with “I SUPPORT THE ASCENTE’ DEVELOPMENT AUG. 8TH” in the subject line with your reasons why you support growth and the Ascente’ project. They are being bombarded with threats against their re-election if they vote for this project
    Put out your feelers for any of your contacts, friends or family who might be willing to join us at county commission on the 8th. They don’t need to speak unless they want to, but I need them in the room to balance opposition
    Share the link below to our petition on all social media as I will be sending it to County Commissioners the day before. Let your friends know that it can be anonymous here is the link:é-new-homes-in-southwest-reno
    Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper about how we appreciate when our elected officials approve projects that enrich our community
    Write a comment that can be included in the public record when we go to County Commission at
    Forward this email through all of your contacts

    The more we stick together, the louder our voice will be heard. I appreciate your support! Please contact me directly with any questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to seeing you on the 8th. Please RSVP HERE to let me know you will be attending or if not, what you can do to contribute to this fight!

    Christi Quatro
    Founder, YIMBY Nation (YES IN MY BACKYARD!!)


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