County Commissioners

Washoe County structure:

The County is run by the county commissioners elected from 5 districts within Washoe County. County commissioners serve 4 year terms staggered by 2 years. In 2018, 3 commissioners are up for re-election and in 2020 the other 2 will be up for re-election.

The Planning Commission members are appointed by the county commissioners. They are charged with reviewing and approving development plans. There are 2 additional planning commissioners that are appointed “at large” for a total of 7. The planning commissioners also serve 4 year terms. They are paid and expected to work about 1 day a month.

There are 9 Citizens Advisory Boards located in specific areas of the county. The areas do not correspond to the district boundaries. This is a volunteer position. The C.A.B. reviews the development plans and considers the impact to the area and community. The C.A.B. submits a recommendation to the Planning Commission about each development.

· The County Staff includes engineers and analysts who review the development plan for technical compliance with county and area regulations.


COMMISSIONERS  2017  County Sites:

Commissioners … Commissioner Map  … Commissioner Views

District-1: Marsha Berkbigler, Republican, First elected 2012, Term till 2020

District-2: Robert Lucey, Republican, First elected 2014, Term till 2018

District-3: Kitty Jung, Democrat, First nominated 2007, Term till 2018

District-4: Vaughan Hartung, Republican, First elected 2012, Term till 2020

District-5: Jeanne Herman, Democrat, First elected 2014, Term till 2018

PLANNING COMMISSION 2017  …   County Site: Planning Commission

District-1: Philip Horan, appointed by Marsha Berkbigler

District-2: Kate Nelson, appointed by Robert Lucey

District-3: Francine Donshick, appointed by Kitty Jung

District-4: Thomas Bruce, appointed by Vaughan Hartung.

District-5: Sarah Chvilicek, appointed by Jeanne Herman

District-North of River: Larry Chesney

District-South of River: James Barnes