Project to build 4700 residences on 980 acres.  It will be a mix of single family homes (2880), duplexes, townhomes, condos, and homes on shared property.  This results in 4.8 dwelling units per acre which is typical of similar developments.  The intent is to provide homes that are more affordable relative to area incomes.  A homeowners association will maintain the common areas.  The area is bounded on the south by South Meadows Parkway.  It will be bounded on the east by the new extension to the Veterans Parkway (Southeast Connector).  The north extends into the Donner Springs area near Miraloma Drive.  There is no natural boundary to the western edge.  The project will include commercial space and also 8 acres for an elementary school, 11 acres for a charter school, and 20 acres for a high school.  Additional property for the high school might be acquired from adjacent BLM property (the developer is working with WCSD).  Alexander Lake will be drained.  Steamboat Creek was dammed to make a lake to water cattle.  The developer is promoting bicycle and foot traffic and a mixed use design in accord with the new “re-imagine Reno” master plan.


NPLC BV Investment Co. LLC, Newport Beach, CA

Engineering support by Wood Rogers, Reno


  • This is an area that floods regularly.  Some of it is identified as a critical flood plain.  The developer plans to remove 1.25 cubic feet of soil for every cubic foot brought is so as to reduce the soil volume and not worsen flooding for adjacent residences.  They plan to add drainage features similar to those added for the Southern Expressway.
  • Steamboat Creek is full of Mercury.  The developer’s testing indicates that Mercury from the old Comstock mine is trapped in the first 2′ of river sediment.  They plan to dredge the 2′ and set it aside and then dredge two feet more of clean sediment.  They will return the soil in reverse order so that the contaminated sediment is buried below the clean sediment.  A representative of the Paiute People expressed concern that disturbing the sediment would increase contamination flowing to Pyramid Lake.
  • Draining Alexander Lake will remove a refuge used by migratory waterfowl.  The developer claims that the faster-running creek will be a better refuge.  This argument sounds implausible.
  • The developer does not plan to put up bonds to protect area residents from flooding  due to the new construction.
  • Traffic is always a concern for such a large development.  The new Veterans Parkway extension will be able to handle a lot of traffic, and there will be improvements to Rio Poco Road in the development.  It will likely mean a big increase in traffic on the existing portion of Rio Poco.
  • Fire and police services are already spread thin.  Adding 4700 residences will only further tax the inadequate resources.

Flooding in 2017

Flooding in 2005


Status: Approved by Reno Planning Commission 7/20/18.  It now goes to the Reno City Council for review.



Developer plan handbook

Zoning amendment request

Master-Plan amendment 10/9/2017

Master-Plan amendment 11/13/2017

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