Daybreak Development History

The Daybreak development is huge and poses a clear threat to public safety in the eastern Truckee Meadows.  It has had multiple reviews, approvals, denials, and delays.  Here’s an overview of the history.

11/13/17 Daybreak developers submit the original proposals for a Planned Unit Development, a zoning amendment, and a development handbook

7/19/18 Daybreak project is approved by the Reno Planning Commission.

9/11/18 Reno delays a vote on the Daybreak project: it is controversial

11/28/18 Reno denies Daybreak

2/8/19 Rio Wrangler re-zoning denied by the Reno Planning Commission

2/16/19 Daybreak developer sues Reno for $50M over original plan

3/5/19 Developer resubmits Daybreak as several separate projects.

8/26/19 Daybreak suit is settled in court for the original plan.

9/23/19 Reno approves Daybreak within strictures of the suit

10/23/19 Daybreak challenged at the second reading of the Reno City Council

1/23/20 Regional Planning Commission approves Daybreak

TBD: Regional Governing Board to hear appeals to the Regional Planning Commission approval