Reno Denies Daybreak Development

Last night, the Reno City Council denied the rezoning proposal for the Daybreak development on the Butler Ranch property between Damonte Ranch and Hidden Valley.  This is a large plan for 4700 homes mostly situated in a flood plane.

While the developer made a pointed argument that they had a mitigation plan to address the flooding, the executive director of the Truckee River Flood Management Authority (Jay Aldean) said that issues he raised with the developer have not been addressed.  Given this, he could not say their flood mitigation plan was adequate.

The issue of bad traffic on Mira Loma presently was a concern as well as what the development will do to traffic on South Meadows Parkway.  Traffic studies have not been done yet for these highways.

Councilwoman Weber was the sole advocate to move forward despite the concerns.  Her position was that the housing crisis demanded immediate action.

Delgado, Brekhus, Bobzien, Jardon, Duerr, and Weber  Schieve voted against the rezoning.  Apparently, Schieve Weber was the sole “yes” vote for the development (The audio wasn’t clear).

See my notes for more detail; RCC_Daybreak-Meeting_112818A

5 thoughts on “Reno Denies Daybreak Development

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