Prado Ranch proposal “continued”

The proposal to amend the zoning and allow a PUD for the Prado Ranch development in Lemmon Valley has been “continued” to the next available meeting of the Reno Planning Commission on 1/16/19 at 6:00 PM.  It will be the first item on the agenda.  The decision to continue consideration of the proposal was due to the late hour of the meeting on 12/19/18.

The Prado Ranch development plan has gone through a number of  iterations.  The latest is to zone a substantial part of the property as industrial.  There is also a large portion that is to be zoned Open Space which borders Swan Lake and is mostly under water.  The property includes the intersection of Lemmon Drive and Deodar.

The proposed plan includes:

  • A total of 729 acres in 14 parcels.
  • 176 single family homes on 44 acres.
  • 529 multifamily dwellings on 32 acres.
  • 195 acres of industrial
  • 10 acres of commercial
  • 446 acres of Open Space


  • 187,500 gallons per day of wastewater generation
  • 15,000 additional vehicle trips a day
  • Consume 625 acre feet of water per year

Reno Staff recommends against this proposal.  They are unable to determine that the proposal meets the applicable statutory and code requirements.

The applicant claims that the improvements to Lemmon Drive and Lear will offset the traffic congestion.  They further claim that the retention ponds in the plan will more than offset the additional flood risk.

Concerns expressed by the public:

  • The development does not match the Master Plan and is incompatible with the character of the area.
  • North Valleys High School is already over capacity.  Plan depends on school capacity at the Stonegate school which is only on paper at this time.
  • Dangerous traffic congestion near the existing school with large trucks.
  • Poor emergency response times due to traffic congestion.
  • Ground water contamination from the retention ponds with the water table only 55′ below the surface.
  • Developer’s hydrology report is suspect.
  • Flooding of existing residents that are downstream.
  • Reno can’t afford to man another fire station even if the developer provides the station and the equipment.
  • Current flooding needs to be addressed before more development proceeds.


Detailed meeting notes: Reno Planning Commission_121918

Residents’ Presentation: PRADO RANCH MP and PUD ZM LDC16-00026 AND LDC17-00019

Developer’s Presentation: Wood-Rogers_Prado-Ranch_121918

Reno Planning Staff Presentation: Staff-Presentation_Prado-Ranch_121918



6 thoughts on “Prado Ranch proposal “continued”

  1. I’m sure that the developers will be ornhave provided governor elect sisolak with a ton of campaign cash. There is not a developer he doesnt love. You can search this and you will see that almost every developer in the state has funded his campaign. Reno either needs to implement a no growth attitude and die on the vine or embrace the growth and deal with all the horrible aspects of the growth. We are in a no win situation.


  2. The Upper South East Communities Coalition will be commenting on this should it get to City Council. Off hand, do you know if Swan Lake is a Waters of the U.S.? I know with the recent roll back of identifiable waters under federal control, that might impact its designation if it is.

    Additionally the new Re-Imagine Reno Master Plan “highly discourages development in a flood plain” and there are council members that can use that.

    Last, highly encourage all organized group opponents to request meetings with Jay Aldean of the Truckee River Flood Management Authority and lobby to have Lemmon Valley included in the upcoming remapping that FEMA wants done. If there is an agreement to remap Lemmon Vally too than that is another tool for asking for denial. If they are going to be remapping, critical flood areas Lemmon Valley must be included. Please be aware that if it is included, it is more than likely that people in Lemmon Valley will be put INTO the flood plain and be required to have flood insurance.


  3. Thank you for all your hard work! It is so appreciated. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone. Jeanneherman



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