Meridian 120 North (Verdi)






The plan is to build 273 single family homes in an area zoned for mixed-use residential/commercial/industrial.  The property is just over 100 acres.  It will be near Boomtown-Garson Rd. and incorporate the abandoned Park Lane Mall.  Part of the property is within the limits of the City of Reno.  The other part is unincorporated Washoe County.

14.75 acres to be annexed to the City of Reno are currently zoned General Rural and Low Density Suburban.  After annexation, the General Rural portion would be zoned Unincorporated Transition (UT-40) while the Low Density Suburban portion would be zoned LLR1.

Home prices will start in the “$600,000’s”.  Homes will be 2200 – 3000 sqft.


  • Converting the rural area to suburban and losing its tranquility.  County zoning was General Rural and Low-Density Suburban.  Annexation by Reno will be to a higher density.  Adjacent properties in Reno are zoned Unincorporated Transition.
  • High traffic on roads intended for light traffic.
  • Water availability for existing homes on wells.
  • Fire protection for many homes distant from Reno.


Reno Land Inc.


Application was approved for development by the City of Reno

Application was denied by the Reno Planning Commission for on-site rock crushing, summer 2017



Reno approves development over objections 2/28/18

Verdi development sparks concerns 1/23/18

Meridian-120 Sales Site

Application for Annexation 10/12/15

Meridian 120 North Special Use Permit 10/12/15

Reno needs to honor commitment to Verdi 3/22/16

Save Verdi Wells_3/9/16