CAB Meeting update

There are a few details to catch everyone up on after a rather eventful, and frankly stressful, weekend with the fire.

First I hope all of you and your properties are safe. It got pretty nerve wracking there for a moment.

As for the meeting on Thursday. As you saw from my previous email, the meeting was canceled last second. Apparently someone missed a notification to someone. Holding the meeting would’ve been in violation of the Brown Act. They are currently trying to figure out the re-schedule date, but are tied up with the aftermath of the fire. I am in direct contact with Sarah Tone and she will let me know first thing.

I also wanted to clarify that the Citizen Advisory Board meeting is not a meeting held by the local committee I represent. This is an official meeting on the development held by the county for residents to be able to bring comments and concerns forward. There seemed to be some confusion on that with some that showed up.

We need as many residents as possible to come to the re-scheduled meeting. Please pass the word along and talk to your neighbors. Thank you! Have a great week and keep an eye out for updates.

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