CAB Meeting update!

Hi everyone! Sorry for keeping all of you in suspense, but the county has been delayed reschedule the meetings. But we have confirmed the new dates!

The new CAB meeting will be held Thursday Nov 10th, 6:00 at the South Valley library.

Click here for the meeting agenda page

The  Washoe County Planning Commission meeting has been postponed until January to allow time for concerns at the CAB to be heard. That meeting has not been set as of yet.

Our team members have organized a presentation based on input from everyone in our community, either via this site or in person at meetings. I have attached the presentations here for you to review. If you have anything to add, feel free to sign up to speak at the meeting and add your thoughts! You have 3 minutes to speak if you choose to do so.

I have also attached a flyer with the meeting information. If anyone wants to print some out and hand them out around the neighborhood, we could always use the help!

I will be out of country during this meeting, but I hope we’re able to get a great turnout and good luck!

Geotechnical and Seismic information

Drainage and Flooding



There will also be comments on schools, but that presentation will be altered pending the vote on WC-1

Click here for the flyer

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