The Ascente Development

Ascente is a 632 home, high density subdivision proposed for the Steamboat Hills in the Galena area that will greatly impact the rural character of our neighborhoods, dramatically increase traffic and burden existing resources and services without any mitigation. Without the benefit of a new exit to Mt Rose Hwy, the amount of traffic shouldered solely on our rural infrastructure, places our residents safety at risk and negatively impacts our fire evacuation and fire access.

The neighbors made a 90-minute presentation (Planning Commission Presentation) to the Planning Commission.  After the first 15-minutes, the presentation proceeded in 3-minute segments by different neighbors.  The staff assured the planning commissioners that the plan was compliant with the forest area plan and recommended approval.  One planning commissioner, Mike Lawson, challenged the conclusions of the county staff and was the only “no” vote.

The neighbors were stunned and disgusted by the approval vote of the planning commission.  Most couldn’t face it any more.  Others claimed that the developers always win in Nevada.  A few of us vowed to appeal.  We put up a Go-Fund-Me page and collected the $1,400 needed to file the appeal with the county.  Two of us put together an abbreviated presentation for the Board of County Commissioners emphasizing the safety issues.  The meeting room was packed with developers and realtors invited by Commissioner Berkbigler.  The commissioners listened to the presentation.  They had few questions and voted unanimously to deny the appeal and to favor the developers.  None of the safety issues were addressed.  NOTE: The tentative map application was only for 225 homes referred to as Phase-1.

The tentative map application

You can view the proposal in full here: Ascente Submission

You can read our appeal here: Galena Residents Appeal


Ascente Developments 11/26/2022

Ascente First Final Map 8/22/2022

Ascente Status 7/23/2022

Ascente Sold 6/24/2022

Ascente Before County Commission 8/28/2021

Ascente Requests an Extension 8/24/2021

Ascente Creeping 7/14/2021

Ascente Geology Concerns 3/20/2021

Ascente Geology Detail

Ascente 3/18/2021

Work on Ascente 12/19/2017

Ascente Application Submitted 9/21/2016