Ascente Status 7/22/2022

There are new barriers up at the end of Fawn Lane in the form of a fence with a locked gate and boulders at the end of Brushwood Lane. These may be the first activities of the new Ascente owners: Toll Brothers. The route from the end of Brushwood to the end of Fawn is an emergency evacuation route. A concerned resident contacted the assistant county manager (Solaro) regarding this hazard. He said the barrier will be removed within 2 weeks. These barriers will impede pedestrians and cyclists along with motorized vehicles. This part of the property is to be the Sierra Village.

Fawn Lane Fence & Gate

Brushwood Lane

There is no obvious sign of activity in the part of the Ascente property facing Patti Lane (Donner Village).

The Washoe County Planning Department has been contacted to find out if the final map or geotech report (full, partial, or preliminary) have been submitted.

3 thoughts on “Ascente Status 7/22/2022

  1. Steve,

    Solaro lives right there, on Brushwood. How he could fail to notice this stuff is beyond me.


    From: Washoe Residents for Appropriate Planning


  2. Steve,
    I just wanted to THANK YOU for being ever vigilant on the happenings out in South Reno. You are an a model advocate for your southern neighbors. I plan to join your team when I finally retire.,,,someday! In the meantime my heartfelt thanks for all you do!!
    Michele SB


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