Work on Ascente

12/9/17 Cleanup

There has been very little activity on the Ascente property.  Yesterday, there was a pickup truck parked at the barrier.  It looks like they are removing some vegetation in the dirt end of Cedarwood to make it easier for pedestrians to get around the rock berms.



10/12/17 Finished trenching & drilling?

The Ascente equipment is gone except for the tracked drill rig.  It’s on it’s flatbed truck.  Presumably, waiting to be picked up.

The dirt end of Cedarwood has been blocked off for all but pedestrians.  They probably want to protect the rock berms intended to reduce the run off.


It looks like the drainage work at the end of Patti Lane is complete.


This looks like one of the last trench excavations above the end of Patti Lane.


Patti Lane residents are not afraid to express their opposition to Ascente.



10/6/17 Drilling and drainage work

The developer is working on reducing the run-off from the property at both the Fawn Lane end and the Shawna end.  At the Fawn Lane end, there are new gravel barriers to reduce the runoff toward Cedarwood Drive.



At the Shawna end, there is a French Drain trench to keep the flow from eroding the existing dirt road.


They are drilling at a number of locations to determine the soil depth to the Andesite rock formation that is the bulk of the Steamboat Hills.  They are using a truck-mounted drill and a track-mounted drill.



They are cutting drill pads at various places on the hillside.


9/22/17 Trenching

They are using a tracked excavator to dig trenches to seek earthquake faults.  We are concerned that they will not find all the faults or acknowledge the importance of the faults they discover.  They fill in the trenches as soon as they are done.  This is for safety, but it also prevents us from inspecting the rock features.