Creeping Ascente

There’s been no visible work on the Ascente property for the last two years, but there’s renewed activity. Rising home prices are likely making the development profitable for Symbio (Barnes and Tanguay). There is no news on their selling either lots or villages: it’s not clear who will build the new homes and who will sell them.

A final map was submitted to the Washoe County Planning Department recently. It was for only 5 home lots at the end of Brushwood Lane. This would be part of the “Sierra Village” at the end of Fawn Lane. The document package was rejected since it used Brushwood as its primary access. The tentative map approved by the county had a gated connection to Brushwood for emergency evacuation only. One might conclude that Barnes/Lumos were trying to “pull a fast one”. Given that they will not be able to use Brushwood for primary access, they may want to pick a different location. Watch for news.

As part of the Ascente final map process, J-U-B Engineers (surveying for Ascente) will do an aerial map of the property. For this purpose, they are locating marks that will be visible from the air and can be used to align the aerial images. One of their workers was caught painting a large “X” on a private driveway without asking the permission of the homeowner. This driveway had recently been resurfaced at a price of roughly $20k. The J-U-B crew was confronted by the homeowner. The supervisor claimed that he thought it was a public road and apologized for the intrusion. He further offered to paint over the mark after the aerial survey was complete. The homeowner told him he was not welcome to return. Vandalizing private property reflects the degenerate ethics of the entire Ascente operation.

If you see them in the neighborhood, you’ll know who they are and who they represent.

4 thoughts on “Creeping Ascente

  1. Several months ago, a white X was painted on Caswell too. No one saw it done, so we had no idea of the source. A couple of neighbors thought Charter had done it. Now I’m wondering if it was done by the same company; maybe they got their roads mixed up? Considering the location of our part of Caswell (same side of the highway as Fawn Lane), maybe somebody was over-eager to get the job done, doing this on a private road about a mile off the plan. Which looks bad for the company, and looks bad on our private road. Which we all chip in to pay for having resurfaced on a regular basis. Maybe we should reach out to these people to remove their screw up?


  2. Not surprising, given Symbio’s penchant for hiring at the way-low end of the engineering professional spectrum. Obviously no desktop work done prior to sending field crews out to place markers. Eye-roll.


  3. I have a really good source at a local utility that Toll Brothers is already in escrow for this entire property. Not sure on timing but a bummer indeed. We are in Callahan Ranch and not looking forward to this or Terrasante traffic.


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