Reno Swamp #3: Daybreak Payday

The Daybreak project faced strong opposition from residents.  It brings an increased hazard of flooding, a potential for widespread Mercury contamination, and gridlock-traffic.  Residents presented detailed arguments with maps and analysis at each step.  See the Daybreak history page for details and links.

  • 7/19/18 The project is approved by the Reno Planning Commission.
  •  9/11/18 The city council first postponed (continued) a decision.
  • 11/28/18 The city council voted to deny the project.
  • 2/16/19 The developer sues the city.
  • 3/5/19 The developer submits the project in pieces to the Neighborhood Advisory Board.
  • 8/26/19 The developer’s suit is settled placing restrictions on Reno.
  • 9/23/19 The city council voted to approve the project after the developer went to court and got a judgement limiting the city’s options.  It did not oblige the city to approve it.
  • 10/23/19 The project approval is challenged at its second reading.
  • The project was approved by the regional planning authority (TMRPA).
  • 6/11/20 Residents then appealed the decision of the planning authority to the regional governing board.  The board voted to approve the project.

It was a long haul.  For the officials who supported the project, it was a source of public embarrassment.  They supported a terrible project that clearly presented a threat to public safety.  It looks like they got compensation for their … uh, service.  See what they got from the Daybreak developer and related interests in the last quarter.


    • $10k from Newport Pacific Land (Daybreak) ,
    • $10k Lyon Management Group (Newport Beach builder)
    • $5500 from AGC (local contractors)
    • $5k from Reno Land LLC [not Daybreak]

Nevada Secretary of State report


    • $10k from Newport Pacific Land (Daybreak) ,
    • $10k Lyon Management Group (Newport Beach builder)
    • $5k from Reno Land LLC  [not Daybreak]

Nevada Secretary of State report


    • $10k from Newport Pacific Land (Daybreak)
    • $10k from NPC Investors (Newport Beach)
    • $4.5k from Wood Rogers (Daybreak Planning)
    • $10k from Lyon Management Group (Newport Beach builder)
    • $5k from AGC PAC

Nevada Secretary of State report

Apparently, there were no Daybreak contributions to Mayor Schieve who voted for the project at one point and against it later.  Schieve voted for a continuance which is what the developer requested, not for the project itself.  There were no contributions to council member Weber who is the most outspoken supporter of all development.  Neither of them are up for election this year.  We may see a contribution from Daybreak for the next election.

Prostitution is legal in Lyon County.  It looks like prostitution by officials is thriving in Reno.

It might be time for a RICO (Racketeering-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) investigation of the Reno City Council.

The “Shameless” post seems to represent the character of these officials.


4 thoughts on “Reno Swamp #3: Daybreak Payday

  1. Just further examples of how completely out of touch the council is with the lives and wishes of their constituents. They have no moral compass and no concerns about the peoples lives they impact or destroy.


  2. Good Morning Steve. As you are so well versed in who the unethical players are on our various city & county boards & councils, can you prepare an “informal and unofficial” list of who I or we should NOT vote for? That would help me and my wife to get the right folks in the right seats. Thanks.

    Respectfully, Brad Geiger Grade

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