Booming Development 04/23/22

The development keeps the calendar full.

Sierra Reflections Development Agreement (Washoe County, Agenda), Tuesday, April 26, 2022 (first reading)

  • This is a zombie project first approved in 2008. It represents an extension of the luxury home development of St. James Village reaching into Pleasant Valley between the 580 freeway and Old 395. This is a huge development that will build 938 homes on 760 acres. It will dramatically change the character of Pleasant Valley and Steamboat Valley. This is an agreement to extend the deadline for the submission of the final map until June 2024. It’s how the county keeps zombie projects “on the books” with absurd extensions. The process indicates that the tentative map approval of 2008 should have expired in 2012. The developer should seek approval for a new plan conforming to the current requirements.

Reno/Tahoe Business Gateway news (Mogul, Washoe County), Tuesday, May 3, 2022

This detailed summary is courtesy of Carli Borchard.

“This property is now part of Washoe County, previously it was under the City of Reno Sphere of Influence. The project being proposed is also different, however, it will still produce too much traffic for the already impacted infrastructure, as well as make a major impact on this historic and scenic property. On April 7, 2022 the Washoe Board of Adjustment denied this project based on the inability to make 3 findings #1 Consistency; #2 Issuance Not Detrimental (traffic and improvements); #4 Detrimental to area/lots. The WSUP22-00006 Action Order attached has more details.

This is good news that the Special Use Permit for major grading has been unanimously denied. However, the applicant, S3 Development Co. (Blake Smith) will undoubtedly appeal the decision to the Washoe County Board of Commissioners. They have until Thursday, April 21 to file this appeal and then we will have more information regarding a hearing date.

Now – this is confusing: The courts have held that NRS 278.3195(4) only allows a petition for Judicial Review by a person who appealed a planning commission decision. To preserve the ability to file a petition for Judicial Review, the homeowners need to appeal the planning commission decision with which they agree. So, Mogul residents also plan to appeal.

The applicant is also requesting the zoning be changed to industrial rather than commercial. The meeting on this matter is tentatively set for May 3, 2022.”


Contact the Reno City Council with your concerns by e-mail or voice-mail here. Mayor Schieve and Councilmembers Weber and Duerr are running for re-election.

Contact the Washoe County Commissioners by e-mail or voice-mail here. County commissioners Lucey and Herman are up for re-election in November

One thought on “Booming Development 04/23/22

  1. Thanks Steve for the update on Sierra Reflections.

    This issue will come up late on the agenda, likely after lunch. I have a conflicting meeting, so cannot testify in opposition but I will file a ‘public comment’ with the Clerk for the record and send you a copy. Feel free to use anything therein if you plan to testify.

    Tom Daly



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