Sierra Reflections


Originally planned along with the St James development off the Mount Rose Highway. The Sierra Reflections development is between 580 and Old 395.  Searches only reveal an old brochure on the project.  There’s no tentative map document from Washoe County.


  • St. James Village is supposed to grow to 462 large lot homes and Sierra Reflections is to be 938 homes on smaller lots adjacent to old 395.
  • Sierra Reflections composition; 6 Dwelling Units with lots over an acre, 75 DU .41-1.0 acre, 139 DU .33-.41 acre, 218 DU .27-.33 acre, 361 DU .18-.27 acre, and 147 townhomes.
  • The developer claims that the Master Plan has been amended and that the tentative maps for all 1438 homes have been approved.  There will be no further public review.

There are over 100 development projects in Washoe County that are not started or not completed.  These include 60,000 dwelling units.  So, there is a lot of development possible with no further review or public input.

Status as of 6/15/18 (Trevor Lloyd)  “Sierra Reflections is set to expire in June of 2020; this expiration date was established with a development agreement approved by the BCC. We have been hearing from a developer who is interested in proceeding soon. We have not yet received a final map submittal. Attached is the original staff report with conditions as you requested.”                                          TM06-001_SW06-001_sr

Click link for the promotional brochure. LINK sjf-sierra-reflections-plot  

Sierra Reflections extension to 2020 by County Staff. 2018_sierra_reflections_extension_to_2020 

Sierra Reflections extension to 2018 by Humke, Weber, Berkbigler, and Hartung.

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