Reno Gateway Business Park


This is a new commercial warehouse project in Mogul east of Reno.  It is located on a crescent-shaped property between the I-80 freeway and the Truckee River.  It is 28 acres.  The plan (as of 3/28/19) includes a 480,000 sqft warehouse.  This is located in unincorporated Washoe County but the City of Reno is asserting its authority since it is within the city’s “sphere of influence”.  It is not contiguous with the city, so it cannot be annexed at this time.  The proximity to the railroad may make it impossible for Reno to annex.  Washoe County zoned this area industrial in 1982.  It appears as industrial in the Re-Imagine Reno master plan.

Substantial changes to the plan were presented to the Reno Planning Commission as part of their application for a special use permit.  This included a substantial reduction in the warehouse sizes and also in the number of semi-truck loading docks.