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Incumbents AWOL

Commission candidates competing in the primary were invited to the RGJ forum last night.  None of the incumbents showed up.  Are commissioners Lucey, Jung, and Herman afraid to face the  public or just cocky?  Kel Buchanon, Brett Delaire, Austin Grush, Lindsy Judd, and Greg Smith fielded questions posed by Anjeanette Daemon of the Reno Gazette Journal.  The questions were tough and the answers illuminating.  Open the notes for the salient points.

13 thoughts on “RGJ County Commissioner Forum

  1. Where were the residents???…There were less than 30 in the audience!!! The apathy of the citizens of the County is pathetic…the current Commissioners have no pushback…Why should they have to attend any meetings or forum where the public is envolved? It would be a waste of their time as was my attendance at the forum…pathetic. JR

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      • We heard about them on channel 2 news. Last week was a forum with the Sheriff’s candidates and next Tuesday will be the school board candidates.


  2. I totally agree, Jim. We can’t complain if we don’t get involved. I didn’t attend last night due to prior engagement but I have tried to be involved in other areas of Washoe politics and administration. What do you think we can do to get Washoe Residents engaged?


    • NOTHING!!!…I have been attending meetings such as this in Lovelock, Fernley, Fallon etc…Washoe attendance is the WORST! Too many people that “worship” guvment and do not want to take responsibility for their livestyles and surroundings…california? Clark county?…JR


    • Yes, Steve is running – as an unopposed democrat. I thought the ballots were oddly printed too. If you turn the ballot over, the democrat ticket is on the other side… Steve should be listed.


      • Because Steve Wolgast is unopposed in the primary, there is no race and he is not on the ballot. He will square off against the winner of the Republican primary in the November general election.


  3. Help.  I don’t have office.  Please send comments as an email.  Thank you!   Pamela E. Galloway Virginia Foothills (Washoe County, NV)

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  4. Thank you for posting! Please continue to keep us up to date. Us seniors find it hard to get out to meetings.


  5. My husband and I were there. Advertised as starting 6pm but posted as 6:30pm when we arrived. Didn’t get underway until about 7pm. Thanks for the concise notes, Still shocked by the response Brett Delaire gave regarding homelessness in Reno: buy them a ticket to another community. I believe our mental health hospital tried that approach a few years ago. Talk about compassion.


  6. We attended last night’s commissioner’s forum. Was very disappointed also that none of the incumbents were in attendance as well as the lack of people in the audience. We felt that Austin Grush was the most articulate and had some good ideas. All at the tender age of 19. We have not heard the last of him. I was a bit surprised that Steve Wolgast was not there. I was anxious to hear from him. We are all in trouble if Brett Delaire gets elected.


  7. RGJ said that the three incumbents can’t talk about policy in an open forum like that because it violates open meeting laws. Wolgast and Johnson were also at the forum but were told that since they had no primary; they weren’t invited to be on the panel.


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