Seismic Shift (5/6/18)

The unspeakable was spoken.  Commissioner Jung has now asked the question “Can’t we pass some ordinance to stop development in Lemmon Valley?”  There are new developments approved that aren’t started yet.  To deny the approval of new developments will do nothing to stop the developments already “in the pipeline”.  Commissioner Jung echos the sentiment of Commissioner Herman and Planning Commissioner Chesney on this topic.  Rapid (indiscriminate) development has been an article of faith for the County Commission.  Perhaps, they will see the light.  Some growth is fine, but none that increases the volume of Swan Lake in Lemmon Valley.

A second seismic tremor occurred when Commissioner Lucey suggested that the county should work with regional agencies to do better planning following a fatal crash on Mt. Rose Highway.  This was after the commission attacked the planners at the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency and arranged for the agency’s authority to be curtailed.  Lucey admitted that there was some onus on the county for approving developments on both sides of Mt. Rose Highway with no plan to handle the increased highway traffic.
Hopefully, both of these realizations will lead to more responsible planning and development moving forward.  We can’t keep going on like this.

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