Washoe County Election News

8/24/18 Lucey’s campaign finances: RnR_082318

6/6/18 Lindsy Judd will address housing & homelessness: RGJ_060618A

6/6/18 Ratti says Greg Smith is best for District-5: RGJ_060618

5/30/18 Commission Candidates Primary Forum: RGJ_Candidate-Forum_052918

5/29/18 Kitty Jung opposes the Lands Bill: RGJ_052918A

5/29/18 Kelvin Buchanon statement: RGJ_052918

5/27/18 District-2 Primary Race: RGJ_052718

5/24/18 Bret Delaire statement: RGJ_052418

5/22/18 District-5 Primary Race: RGJ_052218

5/22/18 District-3 Primary Race: RGJ_052218A

5/11/18  Pick Buchanon over Lucey: RGJ_051118_0001

5/10/18 Comm. Jung suspects audience member was a plant: TIR_051018

5/3/18 Commissioner candidate forum: TIR_050318

4/4/18 Commission Candidates not serious: NVI_040418

2/9/17 Article on Delaire and Madoff (ex tells NY Post): NYP_020917