Mt. Rose Corridor – Traffic Studies Have Begun

You may have noticed some activity on Mt. Rose Corridor including traffic counters strung across the highway and increased surveillance by Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP). As of today there are surface mounted traffic counting appliances (hoses) installed at:

  1. Mt. Rose Hwy – between Wedge Parkway and Edmonton (east and west)
  2. Mt. Rose Hwy – between Fawn Lane and Callahan (east and west)
  3. Mt. Rose Hwy — between Callahan and Coyote Lane (east and west)
  4. Callahan Road north of Mt. Rose Hwy – (south bound only)
  5. Callahan Road south of Mt. Rose Hwy — (northbound only

I talked to Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) today to get some specifics on the studies commencing in the Mt. Rose Corridor. In addition to traffic counters, NDOT will install more hoses capable of measuring speed (two-looped hoses). These hoses will collect data from the roads managed by NDOT, including Mt. Rose Highway, S. Virginia and Geiger Grade Roads.   Washoe County is planning to collect traffic and speed counts from the side roads including (but not limited to) Thomas Creek, Timberline, Edmonton, and Wedge Parkway.

There are three studies in progress:   the speed study, signal warrant study (both focused on individual intersections and specific road segments) and the update of the Mt. Rose Corridor Safety Study (which will include input from NHP).   These studies will incorporate the entire Mt. Rose Corridor from the Galena County Park down to intersection with Geiger Grade Road (approximately 5 miles).

NDOT is updating the Mt. Rose Corridor Road Safety Audit (RSA).  The last RSA was completed in 2012.   The RSA is large overview report , including consultant reports, matrix of studies, problems, issues, and a menu of options for traffic safety remediation. NDOT has begun their safety information update including spot analysis on all intersections, (including non-signalized ones).   There is a Workshop component to the RSA which will include: NHP, County, Fire Dept. Maintenance, community members, ambulance services.   The Workshop has not yet been scheduled.

NHP has begun an increased traffic control campaign.   Since May 18, numerous tickets have been levied for speeding, DUI, cell phone use, no seat belts, distracted driving, etc.   Unfortunately, NHP has limited funding and personnel to maintain this campaign but plans to have increased surveillance along the Mt. Rose Corridor throughout the summer months.


2 thoughts on “Mt. Rose Corridor – Traffic Studies Have Begun

  1. When traveling on Mt. Rose Hi. downhill, south, and turning right into Callahan Rd., we need a deceleration lane. Currently as you slow down to turn right, traffic is approaching you at 60 miles/hour and it is harder to stop downhill.

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