Northern Exposure

Bad development occurs all over the Truckee Meadows, in the North Valleys as well as in the South Valleys. There are over 100 new projects in the Truckee Meadows which have been approved by the county and city planning commissions. For many of these, the construction has not started yet.  All of these are voted on by the county commission and the planning commissioners they appointed.  No part of the county can be protected from bad development unless we are all protected.

The new travesty is called Stonegate. It’s a development of over 4,000 homes on 395 between Reno and Cold Springs. Residents are concerned about all the familiar problems related to area development; traffic, fire protection, police services, water availability, flood control, schools, and sewage processing. These issues are inadequately addressed in the developers plans and there does not seem to be the will in the city council to deny it. Traffic is the biggest concern: this part of 395 is already choked and plans to widen 395 are a year or more after the development construction. TMWA has reported that providing water will not be a problem, but they have a history of reckless commitments. The City of Reno expressed confidence that adequate fire and police services will be provided, but they have a history of diluting public services in an effort to balance their budget. Both the city and the county seem to be playing a ponzi scheme wherein tax revenue from new development is used to pay old bills. This is unsustainable and gives the commissions an incentive to support any development just to get the revenue. The logical conclusion is to have development like Vegas, or Phoenix until the rugged beauty of the Great Basin is spoiled and the civic nature of Reno is a memory.

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As a county-wide entity, WRAP is pleased to ally with the Cold Spring residents in their fight against bad development along with the malfeasance and corruption that enables it.  We count on them to help to change the county.

3 thoughts on “Northern Exposure

  1. Use Reno Gazette Letters to the Editor to voice concerns. Many people read these issues and will get involved when they know a group is fighting issues.


  2. I have recently reviewed the traffic impact study and can say with confidence it does not adequately address the impact the development will have on US 395. The traffic report is limited to local circulation and impacts to the nearest Interchange, but impacts to mainline US 395 are only referenced in general terms and an unrealistic comparison to existing potential is made. I am investigating to determine what level of review was given to the traffic study and what level of review is required.


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