As the blog author on this site, I can see which pages are getting the most views.  I’m gratified to see it, but sometimes, I feel like my viewers are missing some of the best stuff.  I’ll take this chance to highlight a few things that I think are most informative.

There is a consolidated list of all the new developments that have been approved but not finished in Washoe County.  It includes a lot of developments in Reno.  It is sobering to think that there are over 100 developments to house 60,000 residents that are already “in the works”.  I have requested updated information because this list and map were produced in April 2017.  Look for the map on page 4.  [LINK]

You are not alone thinking that there is a lot of bad development and that housing prices are too high.  There are also others that accuse the commissioners of favoring developers and other malfeasance.  See the “In the Media” page for recent articles, opinion pieces, and letters on these topics.

How did we get here, and what were they thinking?!  After the Ascente project was approved, I scheduled meetings with each of the commissioners to plead the case that this development was problematic and bad for the neighborhood.  I didn’t change any minds, but I got an earful of the commissioners views and justifications for why things are this way.  I found it revealing. [LINK]

One thought on “Highlights

  1. A lot of collateral exists from very poor infrastructure improvement. Flooding being foremost. 80 % of this group have sold out on the residents of our county. What a GD shame!


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