Brave New 2018

This is the year that Barnes and Tanguay hope to start the Ascente build.  But, before the blasting and the grading, the trucks and the bulldozers, they will need to meet the 134 “conditions of acceptance” required by the county and get approval of their “final map”.  Some of the conditions require engineering reports regarding the suitability of the site for construction.  My understanding is that the county staff does not review these reports for accuracy or veracity, but simply check-off that they have been submitted.  Given the ludicrous traffic study that was accepted by the staff for Ascente, we can have no confidence that any due diligence is exercised or any the report is not falsified to favor the developer.  I’m told, the staff lacks the expertise, the resources, and the will to review submitted reports for technical accuracy.

This is the year that commissioners Lucey, Jung, and Herman come up for re-election to 4-year terms.  Robert Lucey is reported to be the ring leader of the pro-developer cabal in the commission.  He is an uninhibited beneficiary of developer largess having acquired five new homes directly from developers.  He also benefitted from impressive campaign donations from developers.  As we see much of our view suffer the fate of Colina Rosa (next to Galena), we must ask ourselves if we are angry enough to fight back.  We shouldn’t wait till we feel the blasting and hear the back-up beepers to decide that this is just too much.  There is a WRAP strategy group seeking a good candidate to run for Lucey’s seat.  This candidate will need exceptional grass-roots support to beat Lucey and his developer money.  There will be many ways to support this candidate; large and small.  I think now is the time for each of us to consider what it is worth to see Lucey ousted.  Our neighborhood was sold out for money: it is that simple.

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