Clarification on mailer

We sent out a mailer to our entire area to keep people up to date and inform them of the planning commission meeting in June and a community meeting we have set for May 17th. Unfortunately it seems that the wording might confuse people that the CAB meeting is on May 17th. The flyer was made and planned before we knew about the CAB meeting while we were gearing up for the June meeting.

The Community Advisory Board meeting is in fact on Thursday at 6:00. A community meeting led by Ken Allen to discuss the project has been set for May 17th and the big one is on June 6th.

Hopefully people will not directed away from the Thursday meeting with this. Do what you can to spread the word and get people out on Thursday. Some people have offered to put up signs in their area about the meeting. Anyone wanting to make their own in their area is encouraged to do so as well. Thanks for all the work everyone has put into this!

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