2 for 2 in battle!

Last night the CAB voted to deny Ascente! There is still a long road ahead, but we can take heart in our second victory at the CAB. I want to take the moment to thank everyone that came out in support of our community last night and all of the people that spoke on behalf of the Galena area and put so much work into our presentation.

LeRoi Porter, Chip Porter, Kris Hemline, Jack Broadhurst, John Beach, Marty Moran, Julie Moran and their daughter Lucy, Janis Foltz, Nancy Davis, Joel Ellis, Lee Conley, Matt Alder, Marium Samuelson, Mary Cook, my wonderful wife Laura, Chuck Price, Gretchin Kvaal, Russ Monette, Martha Campbell, Ruth Hagan, Janet Raydon, Sandy Evarts, Lisa Madison, Scott Madison, Trudy Allen, Sue Gulas and David Sater. You people are the reason that the board stood up and take notice. They couldn’t ignore you. It was truly inspiring.

Most importantly, on behalf of everyone, I thank Ken Allen and Todd Mihevc for developing this entire presentation. All I did was get people together in the beginning, but these two stepped up and put ridiculous hours into finding every little thing wrong with this development and worked all of the community’s concerns and input into one big undeniable set of facts. Facts that say Ascente cannot go through.

Last night, for what its worth, the CAB agreed with us. Now its onto the planning commission in June. They do not have to listen to the CAB… but if they don’t listen to them, I guarantee they’ll have to listen to us for a long time. Good luck with re-election Mr. Lucy.

Be well my friends and neighbors.

3 thoughts on “2 for 2 in battle!

  1. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all those involved in the CAB Ascente presentation – it was absolutely awesome! I know there have been a lot of costs involved with all the opposition work, especially with flyers that are mailed out, and I would like to make a donation to the cause. Where can I send a check and who do I make it out to? Phil Henke


  2. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on our behalf for the preservation of the quality of life we all moved here for. Callahan Ranch needs to remain a rural neighborhood!! Well Done.


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