URGENT! Calling all concerned residents!!!

It is time to get things in gear with the CAB meeting. We need more volunteers!!! We have a huge and detailed presentation to give to the board at the meeting on Thursday that hits Ascente everywhere where it hurts. If they are truly listening to us, they can’t ignore the points we have made here.

We need 9 more people!!! Talk to your neighbors. Spread the word! It’s super simple, you’ll just sign up with me, I’ll get you with your team captain who will lead you through your part of the presentation and you’ll even have a script that you can just read, or re-write for yourself using your own words. If you don’t want to talk, just show up anyway! We can do this if we have a lot of support.

Just email me at this site… if you have emailed me before and I didn’t respond, I apologize. just know I am on this like a hawk the next week. See you all soon!

2 thoughts on “URGENT! Calling all concerned residents!!!

    • Great!! Thank you so much! We desperately need people to present in either the construction category (which is a mix of code stuff and has to do with blasting, cuts to the hills and problems that the construction will present to the community), or bonding (we will be asking the city for a bond to repair any hardships or damages our community incurs). You don’t have to know anything about either of these, everything can be pretty well laid out for you and the captains will give you a section to talk about.

      My email is ryanftd@yahoo.com. Just send me your email information and where you’d like to sign up and I’ll get you with a captain. Thanks again! your community needs you!


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