Take 10 to Fight Rancho-IV

Please take 10 minutes to support your neighbors opposing this irresponsible new development on the Evans Ranch property. The Rancho-IV development was denied by the Reno Planning Commission, but it was appealed to the City Council by the developer. It will be heard on January 26, 2022. You can conveniently write your City Councilmember based on your ward, or you can write all of them since they all get a vote on the project. I would copy the City Clerk too. It is very effective to call as well. The agenda is not yet posted for this meeting to indicate the order of agenda items to know when this appeal will be considered. With the pandemic conditions changing, the meeting could be remote.

Rancho-IV concerns:

  • Road access is dangerously inadequate especially for evacuation in case of a wildfire.
  • This is a popular area for hiking and recreation.
  • This property is a wildlife corridor.
  • The property is steep: grading and filling will despoil the hillsides and the wetland area.
  • It is not consistent with the Reno master plan.

Contact your City Councilmember

One thought on “Take 10 to Fight Rancho-IV

  1. Steve:

    Thanks for the update.

    Note that RFD Station #10 on North Virginia is the closest station to this Rancho IV development. However, RFD#10 is routinely chosen to be ‘browned out’ (closed) due to budgetary constraints and lack of manpower. That occurred on 6 occasions in the third quarter of 2021. I am waiting on the 4th quarter statistics from RFD on brownouts, but anecdotal information suggests this practice is continuing.

    If RFD#10 is closed, then TMF&R Station #44 Stead or #45 Sun Valley (close call) becomes the ‘closest unit’ to the Rancho IV development and, under the existing automatic aid agreement, must cover at our expense.

    Also, as the Mortensen Ranch development (Verdi) was approved by the court, over Reno’s objections, TMF&R Station #45 Mogul must cover that development for fires as the closest unit.

    RFD has no stations in the Verdi area.

    Just two examples of the financial inequities in the existing auto aid agreement for fires with Reno.

    Tom Daly


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