Rancho IV Development

The site is north of Rancho San Rafael Park and west of Parr Blvd. in northern Reno. It includes Evans Canyon which is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. The property consists of 28 acres. The developer plans to build 142 units on the site. The area is zoned Multi-family-14 which allows up to 14 units per acre (apartments or condos). The development will be predominantly duplexes with some triple and quad units.

Owner: Rancho Hills IV LP, Reno (Desert Wind Homes)

Developer: John Krmpotic, KLS Design

Residents concerns

  • Wildlife and ecological impacts would be significant. This property is a wildlife corridor.
  • The developer tree count is not representative. One resident counted 143 Jefferson Pine trees.
  • The views and vistas will be spoiled with this design. It does not meet the “viewshed” standards. It includes building on the ridgelines.
  • There is no plan to accommodate wetlands on the property.
  • This is an area high in Radon which will likely be increased with the cuts and grading.
  • Traffic is already problematic accessing Virginia Street.
  • Construction litter will despoil the site and the wetlands. Some of the slopes are too steep to recover the litter.
  • Stolz Road is too congested for emergency vehicle access.
  • Hoge Road is steep and is dangerous when icy.
  • Noise echoes at this site. The construction will present a problem for people who work from home.


2/2/22 The Reno City Council approves this project with some changes. Only Councilmember Brekhus voted in opposition.

11/3/21 The tentative map was considered by the Reno Planning Commission. The vote is 3-2 in favor of the development, but a majority of the entire commission is needed for approval. So, 4 of the 7 commissioners would have to approve. Commissioners Taylor and Villaneuve were absent.