Daybreak and Mt. Rose Comm. Ctr. News

The Reno Planning Commission reviewed a request from the Daybreak developer to approve a tentative map for the development on 4/21/21. It is on the corner of the property near the intersection of South Meadows Parkway and Echo Valley Parkway. It is for 173 homes on 34 acres: Villages 18-B and 19-A. These are small lots: 3400 sqft to 4500 sqft. The market is claimed to be the “missing middle”. While part of Daybreak, this development will be called “Talus Valley”. The developer gave a presentation and then the staff gave one also. Brooklyn Oswald concluded with a recommendation to approve this application. The commissioners had no questions: there was no discussion. The application was approved unanimously.

The developer for the Mount Rose Commercial Center presented their plan to the city council. The developer is seeking approval to proceed with grading and moving the drainage-way which may be on a 24-hour basis. The lots subject to 24-hour work are on the south side of the site toward the geothermal power plant. The planning staff recommended approval. There was no public comment.

  • Building height up to 55 feet by zoning. This will probably be representative of any warehouse buildings.
  • Traffic studies have not been done. A traffic study will be required when each parcel is defined.

There was no discussion. The permit was approved unanimously.


MEETING VIDEO (Mt Rose, 1:43, Daybreak, 1:03)

3 thoughts on “Daybreak and Mt. Rose Comm. Ctr. News

  1. No comments? Citizens finally got the message. Other than Naomi Duerr and Jenny Brekhus, no one on the council or the planning commission wants to hear from the constituents.

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  2. a couple of definitions from the “open meeting” are below – how can there be a “meeting” to decide on something when there is no “collective discussion”??

    “Deliberate” means collectively to examine, weigh and
    reflect upon the reasons for or against the action. The term
    includes, without limitation, the collective discussion or exchange
    of facts preliminary to the ultimate decision.
    3. “Meeting”:
    (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b), means:
    (1) The gathering of members of a public body at which a
    quorum is present , whether in person or by means of electronic
    communication, to deliberate toward a decision or to take action on
    any matter over which the public body has supervision, control,
    jurisdiction or advisory power.

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