Canyons Developments Will Affect Wild Horses

City councilmember, Naomi Duerr, hosted a “townhall” meeting over Zoom this evening: 21 citizens joined. She said that there have been 10 new applications with the city for big new developments in only the last 60 days. Apparently, most of it is not for affordable “infill” building but rather for expensive sprawl. She hosted this meeting to inform Ward-2 residents since there are not regular Neighborhood Advisory Board meetings at this time. Tonight’s meeting was scheduled to review The Canyons development which is north and east of Damonte Ranch High School uphill from the Palisades neighborhood. The Canyons project will come before the Reno City Council on Wednesday, March 10. Any e-mail messages or comments must be submitted Tuesday, March 9 to be considered at the meeting ( Public Comment Form ). The developer (Jack Dolan) is seeking approval of a Planned Unit Development handbook, a Special Use Permit (required for extensive grading), and a tentative map which shows the plan for the home lots and roads.

Residents expressed the following concerns

  • The Canyons development will block a route that the Virginia Range wild horses currently use to access water.
  • There is inadequate road capacity for evacuation in case of a wildfire.
  • The developer should not be allowed to increase traffic on roads through the existing neighborhoods.
  • Traffic is already near gridlock around the high school twice a day. Adding more homes using the same roads will make matters worse.
  • Police do not protect the neighbors from scofflaws who go street racing and drinking in the Palisades neighborhood.

Duerr made the following points.

  • She is asking the developer to move some residential lots 15′ back from the drainage way to protect against erosion and to make room for hikers.
  • She is asking the developer to remove a cul-de-sac with 5 homes to keep this out of the horse route (SE corner of property).
  • She is asking the developer to add a horse watering-tank at the NE corner of the property to discourage horse traffic through the development. She says that the Truckee Meadows Water Authority has confirmed that they can provide the water.
  • The new roads will connect to the existing roads Trail Rider and Claim Jumper.
  • There are plans for a new water tank uphill from the development. It will only be needed for the uppermost cluster of homes. The others will get water from the existing Palisades line. The new water tank would need to be built on the Canyon’s Edge property owned by Jack’s brother Jim.
  • The next new development uphill from The Canyons, Canyon’s Edge, will completely block wild horse access to water through this area.
  • The new development plans indicate a “desert motif” with low structures and low-water landscaping.
  • Reno Fire Department response time is 6-7 minutes when the standard is 6 minutes or less.
  • The traffic will get worse in the area. The bottleneck at Steamboat Parkway will be the worst.
  • She make the argument that residents are usually opposed to new development that changes the area and increases the population. She said that such opinions were unrealistic and that the development and population increase was inexorable. She did not point out that if the city would enforce reasonable zoning, the effects of growth would be less traumatic. She did not address the issue that the successful Daybreak suit indicated that the Reno Master Plan lacked credibility.

Look to the City Council meeting on Wednesday, March 10 for more news on this project. (AGENDA)

Check out the “In the Media” page for recent articles in the press regarding development.

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