Other County Issues: Meeting 4/9/19

The approach to address the Lemmon Valley flooding was the principal issue addressed at Tuesday’s meeting, but it was not the only significant one.  Agenda  /  Video (you can jump to the agenda item)

  • Give the Assistant County Manager authority to make emergency expenditures in Lemmon Valley (item 7)
  • Expand sewer capacity in Damonte Ranch for South Valley growth (item 8)
  • Extend the final map deadline for the Sun Mesa development (item 10)
  • Decide the Marshall Ranch development appeal (item 11)

Agenda Item 7

Authorize Assistant County Manager, Dave Solaro, to enter into agreements and contracts responding to the flooding emergency in Lemmon Valley (agenda item 7).  Dwayne Smith declared that the Swan Lake flooding was an emergency for the county.  He didn’t bring it to the Board of County Commissioners, even though he had identified the crisis three weeks prior.  Commissioner Jung thought it should have come before the board, even if they had needed an emergency meeting.  The Lemmon Valley wastewater treatment plant supports about 1200 residences and some large commercial customers.  This would include up to $500,000 for access road and berm improvements and up to $150,000 for emergency pumps for the treatment plant and collection system.  This proposal passed unanimously after some discussion.

Agenda Item 8

Cast-in-place piping as part of expanding sewer capacity in the South Valleys for “new growth”.  This section is in the Damonte Ranch area.  It is not clear what new growth this is intended to support and whether it is related to the proposed $50M sewer bond for the South Valleys.  The motion carried unanimously with Berkbigler and Jung absent for this vote.

Agenda Item 10

Extend the deadline for the final map for the Sun Mesa development to 2020 (agenda item 10).  This was the first reading and introduction of this proposed amendment.  This development got the tentative map approved in 2004 and has been extended repeatedly.  This is truly a zombie project.  It’s a small extension of an existing development, but no one knows if it will ever be built.  This item will come back for another reading and public hearing on April 23.  There was no vote on the proposed amendment.

Agenda Item 11

The Commission considered the appeal of the Marshall Ranch development project on Winnemucca Road.  The Planning Commission denied this project and the developer was seeking to get the denial overturned.  At the meeting, the developer (Ken Krater) requested a continuance (postponement) so that the vote on his appeal would occur at a later meeting.  He said he wanted to consult with his lawyer about his potential conflict of interest from serving on the Downtown Reno Partnership board.  This presented a problem since the county commission is required by statute to take action on an appeal within 60 days of the appeal being filed.  It appeared that the consideration of the appeal had to occur by April 13.  Krater then decided to withdraw his appeal.  He can resubmit his appeal if it is changed.  Alternately, he could resubmit the same appeal if he waits a year or more.  Commissioners Hartung, Berkbigler, and Lucey all expressed concerns about the project.

Related Public Comment:

Opponents of the Marshall Ranch development said the development would spoil area views.  One asked “Is nothing sacred in this county?  Don’t make the area like Vegas”.  This area is a habitat for the endangered Carson Wandering Skipper (butterfly).

Ray Lake (chairman of the North Valley’s Citizen’s Advisory Board) spoke during public comment.  He was concerned that the county had cancelled 7 of the 8 recent monthly meetings.  He wants to bring Mr. Rodriguez of NDOT to make a presentation about plans for the North Valleys, but is prohibited by the more restrictive rules placed on the CAB’s by the county commission.


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