Marshall Ranch (Winnemucca Road)


Development plan to amend the Washoe County Master Plan Category on three parcels totaling 1089 acres to a Character Management Area (CMA) for Rural Residential and allow Medium Density Rural zoning within the CMA.  The properties are in the Warm Springs area.  Medium Density Rural permits lots of 5 acres rather than the current zoning of General Rural requiring 40-acre lots.  The result would be that 187 homes could be built where only 27 would be allowed under the current zoning.

The Washoe Planning Commission denied the re-zoning on February 5, 2019.  See links for meeting notes or meeting minutes.

Proposed zoning amendment: WRZA18-0006 ,  Staff Report

The applicant is Krater Consulting Group

The property owner is Winnemucca Holdings, LLC.

Note: The subject parcels were recently removed from the City of Reno’s Sphere of Influence, where they had a Reno Master Plan Category of Special Planning Area and which currently have a Washoe County Master Plan designation of Rural.