Oppose Inappropriate Developments in Our Area – Autumn Wood I and II

Autumn Wood Notice

MONDAY JULY 30, 2018


5:30 PM

Please plan to attend! Learn more about how two proposed developments at the bottom of Zolezzi (Autumn Wood I & II) are inappropriate for our area and detrimental to the rural residential character of our neighborhood. This is the second attempt by D.R. Horton to circumvent the regulations set forth in the Thomas Creek SCMA in our Master Plan as well as building codes and regulations. In the fall of 2017 we had to fight their application to amend the master plan. They did withdraw that application, and have now submitted a tentative subdivision map for Autumn Wood Phase II and a special use permit application for two detention ponds. The Planning Commission denied both submissions and D.R. Horton has filed appeals for both items. We need to make sure that the Board of County Commissioners also rejects these ludicrous plans. We have an opportunity to fight the 12 years of extensions given to the tentative subdivision map for Autumn Wood Phase I. TBD: Date of Board of County Commissioners Meeting which will review the appeals. GOAL OF THIS MEETING: Get everyone up to speed and determine next steps.

More details here: LINK

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