Autumn Wood Development



Build 47 townhomes on 4.75 acres.  The location is Zolezzi Lane bounded at the intersection of Jeppson Lane.  The homes appear to be pairs rather than townhomes in a row.  The development is zoned Low Density Urban as opposed to the Master Plan that specifies Suburban Residential.

Developer: DR Horton, Zolezzi Venture, LLC

Planning Firm: Summit Engineering


Autumn Wood Phase-1 was originally approved in 2006 on land zoned Low Density Urban because what existed on the parcel previously was a very rural mobile home park.  In 2010, the Master Plan is adopted and the area was zoned Suburban Residential that does not permit Low Density Urban development.  The County Planning department nonetheless found that the development was consistent with the neighborhood plans.  The developer was granted 8 years of extensions.

Autumn Wood, Phase 2 – While in the process of purchasing the Phase 1 parcel, D.R. Horton submits an application to amend the Master Plan to develop the second parcel at an increased density in conflict with the Medium Density Suburban (MDS) regulatory zone applied to the parcel.  Along with over 200 neighbors, the adjacent school (Mountain View Montessori), opposed the development.  D.R. Horton withdraws the application. Despite claiming that it wouldn’t make financial sense for his company to purchase the land if they cannot build at the increased density, Tom Warley goes through with the purchase of the property for Phase-2. This may have been to acquire the water easement they would need for Phase-1 that was on the Phase-2 property.  Secondly, they would need to redirect water from the drainage ditch that would run along the front of Phase-1.


  • Greatly increased traffic in the area of the school.  This area will see much more traffic when the many apartments on Arrowcreek are built and occupied.
  • Lack of security for the school.  The high density development will be close enough to the school so that there will be access to the back of the school through the development.
  • The redirection of the drainage ditch looks poorly planned increasing the flood risk in a bad winter.

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