The Appeal Is In

Hi everyone. I’m back from Iceland and just wanted to catch up real quick. The appeal is in and it looks like we’re being scheduled August 8th to give our response to the tentative map decision. It seems we will have 15 minutes to deliver our comments, much like the developer had at the last meeting. We wont have 3 min a person limit, so we will most likely have one person present while potentially calling on some experts.

We of course will keep you all updated as we get closer.

2 thoughts on “The Appeal Is In

  1. perfect – I’m available for any & all – including editing for clarity, grammar & saying a lot with as few words as possible without losing meaning – it’s not to brag, but it’s gift.
    I will also be a “butt” in a chair on Aug 8 & will bring as many neighbors & interested others as I can.
    I want to knock on doors, but don’t want to cover people already informed if that info is available – nothing is more annoying than overkill.
    Will watch for updates.


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