The Appeal

This is it. This is our Super Bowl.

It seems the advice from the board that this was a “long process” was a little misleading. This process will go on for a while, but it seems that the Appeal to the tentative map will be our last shot of putting in community input. Here’s how it works…

In the appeal, we will make the case as to why the approval of the tentative map should be overturned. Our appeal can be rejected and they move forward as is, they can approve our appeal and reject the tentative map in which case the developers would go back to square one, or they can approve with new conditions. Our appeal case will go in front of our elected commissioners (Bob Lucy and crew) and we will be the presenters and get a block of time to state our case. We will have some time to put our presentation together.

We are writing the appeal this weekend. There is a $1,400 fee to put in this appeal. We need help paying for this. Below is a link to a gofundme account. Please donate. To help this thing happen. The deadline for the appeal is next monday.

Fund The Appeal

Another note:  we talked to the fire chief, he does have his concerns about fire safety as well and thinks that adding Thomas Creek would be preferred, but under current code the developer only needs to have 2 entrances. We did suggest some new conditions to make the whole project more fire safe, like adding a fire break on the south and east ends of the property that will also provide access. He liked the suggestions and he is going to request them.

I am leaving for Iceland for 2 weeks tomorrow morning, Ken will also be gone. So we will not be easy to contact for a little bit, but I will check back in with you when I return.

2 thoughts on “The Appeal

  1. We need to continue to fight a good fight, Assecnte’s own numbers are totally misleading, example: 62 children in 225 homes, “really?”

    Also, we can and should hold the County staff and elected officials feet to the fire. They need to put on notice.

    Lastly, I would be agreeable to opening a lawsuit to make both the developer and the county comply with the neighborhood citizens desires,
    The many over the few.



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