Ethically compromised …

Reno City Council-member Oscar Delgado voted for the massive Daybreak development on September 23.  In so doing, he betrayed himself and his constituents in Ward 3.  He knew what he was doing: the problems were explored in detail before the vote.

Delgado knowingly voted against the wishes of his constituents who are concerned about how the reckless Daybreak development will undermine their quality of life.  Adding 4,000 more homes will wreak havoc on the area: major intersections there are already choked.

Delgado knowingly voted to put his constituents at increased safety risk from flooding due to the loss of flood storage in the south meadows and to the changes in Steamboat Creek.  These will increase flood levels in the UNR farms area as well as in the South Meadows neighborhoods.

Delgado knowingly voted to put his constituents at risk of increased exposure to Mercury since the contamination study done by the developers was grossly inadequate.  It was a bad joke.

Delgado’s motivation to alienate his constituents is not clear, but his recorded campaign contributions offer a clue.  He has recorded a campaign contribution of $2,500 from John Patterson of the the Newport Pacific Land Company in 2017 (Daybreak developer).  His campaign records do not include late 2018 or any of 2019, so we don’t know if there were more recent contributions.  His campaign has been mostly funded by developers, realtors, and builders. Below are the totals from the Nevada Secretary of State website for all of 2017 through August of 2018.  Note that this includes only contributions over $100 recorded since the beginning of 2017.  Earlier contributions would have been made for his previous campaign.

Developers (incl. Engineering Companies) $6,950

Builders (incl. materials & landscaping)      $4,000

Real Estate  (incl. property mgmt.)                $4,500

Lawyers (likely representing developers)    $1,750

                                                        SUBTOTAL         $17,200

Casinos/Gaming                                                   $4,000

Other Contributors                                                $764

                                                        TOTAL          $21,964

So, 78% of his recent recorded campaign contributions came from organizations with a financial stake in building and development.  This may explain his vote for Daybreak and his earlier vote for Stonegate.  Also, 19% came from casinos that tend to support all candidates.  Rumors indicate that he may not run for a third term, but rather seek a different office.  He may think that his campaign contributors are more important to him now than his constituents.  Here’s a detailed list from the NV Secretary of State records:


The Daybreak decision will get a second reading at the city council on Wednesday, October 23 (agenda).  It is agenda item F.3.1.  The meeting will start at 10:00 AM at the county chambers, but it is a long agenda and item F.3.1 is near the end.  The council may decide to take the issues out of order, so it is unpredictable when this topic will be covered.

You can express yourself to Council-member Delgado through his Reno City e-mail or on his Facebook page.

email:                                  Facebook: @oscardelgadonv


If you think he cannot be persuaded and want to express your outrage at his malfeasance, WRAP has purchased some “DUMP DELGADO” bumper stickers.  These are available with an adhesive backing or a magnetic backing.  One or two will be provided free of charge to residents who request them.  If you want a magnetic sticker, please check that it will stick to your bumper or trunk.  Many such parts are now Aluminum or plastic so that magnets won’t stick.  These are high quality stickers that will peel off cleanly with a little patience.  Please leave your name and address through the “Contact” tab at the top right of the WRAP site.

Bumper Sticker: 191014112800

4 thoughts on “Ethically compromised …

  1. I just stumbled upon this article. This article seems to be so one sided, almost like the author is offended that there is a different way of thinking other than theirs and are lashing out, so much that this article has a feeling of hate in it. I feel sorry for the author. It is just my passing opinion.


  2. what crooks it the same in ward 4 with bonnie weber we as residents of washoe county and reno are being sold down the river iam tried of being lied to by the city council lets look into the we cannot build infrastructure until all home and warehouses are in THATS B.S.look at storey county they are building huge warehouses in TRI but first they have widend the road installed turn lanes and a wall has not even been raised. the north valley is a mess our lives are in grave danger everyday as far as emergency care and hell our hospital is not even big enough for the area and we do not have enough doctors


  3. after reading my last comment I have to apologize to council women Weber and the whole city council just let my feeling of the moment get it the way please forgive me for that last comment but it is true about storey county and remember people we all are in this together


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