Fire News 10/16/19

This is a guest post by Tom Daly reporting on yesterday’s TMFPD meeting.  Note that there will be green waste collection by TMFPD in November.  Fire news links

Highlights from today’s TMFPD Board meeting and other intel:

  1. Presiding officer – Chief Moore is on vacation so Deputy Chief Kukulas filled in to present the agenda.
  2. Ladder Truck – Under the consent agenda the Board approved Chief Moore’s request to begin the process to solicit for the acquisition of a ladder truck for the District. A ‘Request for Proposals (RFP)’ will be issued shortly to acquire a ladder truck for an amount not exceeding $300K. This will be a used ladder truck, as a new one would cost about $1.4 million. Chief Moore has identified a 2008 ‘Quint’ (combined ladder truck and engine) from a county fire department back east. The truck is well-maintained and would only need a paint job and crew training to be placed in service. If this unit is acquired look for it to go into service in Q2 2020 after training multiple crews to operate it. The tentative location would be at TM#33 Foothill as that station is one of two that has sufficient room for this unit. The ladder truck would respond to all structure fires in the District along with three engine companies and TM#33’s location is ideal, given its proximity to I-580.
  3. Promotions and recognitions – Several TMFPD personnel were promoted from EMT to Paramedic and recognition of crews assisting with the birth of a child and a successful cardiac save were acknowledged by the Board.
  4. EMS Report – The FY17-18 EMS annual report was presented by Christina Conti of the Health District. Of note, response by fire units to EMS calls is averaging about 6.5 minutes (dispatch time + turnout time+ travel time) with fire units typically arriving ahead of REMSA units, especially in the unincorporated County (TMFPD). The same report for FY18-19 will be presented in November.
  5. Fire Chief’s Report
    • Progress on the Hidden Valley station (TM#37) is stopped until the City approves a minor land swap to accommodate parking. No report on when that will occur (2nd vote).
    • Ambulance billing – in progress and should be ready by year end. This will allow TMFPD to bill patients (insurance companies and MEDICARE) when transported by TMFPD units.
    • Green Waste- Program will resume in November with collections at TM#32 Eastlake and TM#430 Silver Lake VFD (Red Rock) Friday and Saturday November 9 & 10 &15 &16.
    • Open House – Opens houses for citizens during Fire Prevention Month is scheduled for SATURDAY Oct. 19th at TM#33 Foothill, #46 Spanish Springs and #42 Cold Springs.
    • Community meeting to review the plan to consolidate TM#30 Washoe Valley and #32 Eastlake will be held on 11/4/2019 at Tamarack Junction at 6pm and a second meeting in Washoe Valley, date and time TBD.
  6. Mobile Data Computers – 26 units were authorized for purchase for engines and command vehicles in the amount of $191K.
  7. TMFPD recruiting/personnel – A recruit class will start in 2020, likely in 1Q, to fill existing and predicted vacancies with those personnel assigned by 7.1.2020. Grant funding is being sought to staff one or more fuels management crews (seasonal) and, if successful, would start in FY21.
  8. RFD News – The Reno Fire Department will begin a recruit class for twenty new firefighters next month. Twelve of those positions are being fully funded from the City’s General fund. Eight positions are being partially funded by a FEMA SAFER Grant (65% of compensation in years one and two and 35% in year three) with the balance of funding from the City’s General fund. Assuming all recruits graduate, RFD will be able to staff RFD#7 Skyline and #19 Somersett with a crew of four and be able to respond to structure and wildfires (now only a crew of two, so only able to respond to EMS calls). Those new personnel should be on duty in 1Q 2020.
  9. Dispatch – The resolution of the dispatch issue should be on an upcoming BCC agenda with a presentation by the Sheriff to take over all dispatch functions and terminate the existing dispatch/forensic services agreement on 90 days-notice to Reno.

NEXT TMFPD MEETING IS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19th at 0900 at the County Building.


REMINDER: Former Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott will discuss wildfire considerations for suburban development on Thursday 10/17/19 at the TMCC Dandini Campus, Sierra Building Rm 108 at 7:00 PM.  This event is hosted by Silver Knolls neighbors but addresses fire concerns all over the Truckee Meadows.

Handout: Washoe-Reno Smart Growth Alliance Community Meeting Flyer_100219



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